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How You Can Use Hash­tags to Con­nect With Your Customers

It’s Mon­day after­noon. You’ve tak­en care of your morn­ing tasks, caught up on your over-the-week­end emails, returned phone calls, chat with your co-work­ers, and had lunch… and now you need to get your social media plan for next week mapped out. (If you don’t usu­al­ly map out your social media plan — start that IMME­DI­ATE­LY.) But you’re stuck. Noth­ing clever or even all that use­ful is com­ing to mind.

Writer’s block is just as real for Face­book as it was for that term paper back in Eng­lish class! And it’s some­thing every mar­keter strug­gles with from time to time. That’s why it’s nice to devel­op a few go-to social media themes (and hash­tags), to help you beat the block­age. There are tons of ideas out there, eas­i­ly found with a quick Google search. But for the pur­pos­es of this post, I’ll share some of what we’ve done at White Cas­tle Roof­ing (gen­er­al­ly on an every-oth­er-week basis, so every week we basi­cal­ly already have one post done before it’s begun) — and hope­ful­ly, that’ll get your cre­ative juices going!

Employ­ee-based hashtags

  • #WeAreWhite­Cas­tle — We cre­at­ed a blog series with employ­ee Q&As, to give peo­ple an idea of the per­son behind the voice on the phone or the dude hold­ing the ham­mer. When­ev­er we post­ed these — every oth­er Mon­day — we used the #WeAreWhite­Cas­tle hash­tag. Hav­ing a go-to post twice a month to count on was a big help, and it was fun to see our own employ­ees shar­ing and inter­act­ing with these posts!

  • #Mon­day­Fun­day — After our blog series was com­plete for the time being, we intro­duced #Mon­day­Fun­day posts. We’ve start­ed encour­ag­ing our team to have some fun with their Com­pa­ny­Cam pic­tures, using a cus­tom social media tag, and every oth­er Mon­day we share a more can­did pic­ture with our social media fol­low­ers. This way we can show off a lit­tle more of our team’s per­son­al­i­ties, which again makes for fun, easy-to-share con­tent for them (and their social friends and fol­low­ers) to react and inter­act with.

Work-based hash­tags

  • #White­Castle­Why — Some­times you just have to toot your own horn! With this theme, we share a pos­i­tive com­ment or tes­ti­mo­ni­al from a cus­tomer, with a close-up pho­to of the work we did on their roof or gut­ters (thanks, Com­pa­ny­Cam!). We just share the customer’s first name and last ini­tial, for pri­va­cy pur­pos­es. But this lets us show off a lit­tle while giv­ing a lit­tle taste of why the cus­tomer chose us or why they’re glad they did.

  • #Trans­for­ma­tionTues­day — This one is kind of obvi­ous! Espe­cial­ly as a con­trac­tor, with Com­pa­ny­Cam, this one is a no-brain­er. If you use the Before and After fil­ters reg­u­lar­ly — as you should — the work is lit­er­al­ly already done for you! Just choose your favorite shots and away you go.

  • #Tues­dayTips or #Wednes­day­Wis­dom — These posts are great for either quick one-offs (a short line or two that doesn’t need much expla­na­tion, like It’s 4,000 degrees today! Make sure those plants we installed have plen­ty of water #Tues­dayTips”) or as a set-up for a blog post to share on your social media accounts (we often use these for home­own­er edu­ca­tion, like about attic ven­ti­la­tion or work­ing with a local con­trac­tor). Bonus points if you use video like Face­book Live or and Insta­gram sto­ry to record a quick how-to since those plat­forms give pref­er­ence to posts with native video.

Com­mu­ni­ty-based hashtags

  • #Thank­fulThurs­day or #Feel­go­od­Fri­day — Whether you’re high­light­ing an award you won or a vol­un­teer project you com­plet­ed, it’s nev­er a bad thing to share the work you do for your com­mu­ni­ty. These are also great setups for doing some­thing as sim­ple as shar­ing a quote about thank­ful­ness, com­mu­ni­ty, pos­i­tiv­i­ty, or hap­pi­ness with a pret­ty pho­to from Com­pa­ny­Cam, like of a sun­rise or a nice land­scape or…the pos­si­bil­i­ties are endless!
  • #Com­mu­ni­ty — Sim­i­lar to the last idea, but doesn’t have to be on a Thurs­day or Fri­day; this one is good any time! And before you say it: no, it doesn’t defeat the pur­pose of work­ing to help the com­mu­ni­ty if you tell peo­ple about it. If any­thing, these are a great way to help advo­cate for the orga­ni­za­tion you’re work­ing with! For instance, White Cas­tle Roof­ing does a lot with Habi­tat for Human­i­ty, and both our social media and tra­di­tion­al adver­tis­ing are filled with anec­dotes, events, and ref­er­ences to our work with them. And it’s a win for both of us! Habi­tat for Human­i­ty gets the ben­e­fit of some aware­ness on the air­waves and web on White Castle’s dime, and White Cas­tle gets the ben­e­fit of being aligned with a real­ly great, rep­utable orga­ni­za­tion in the community.

Bonus: hol­i­days!

We love post­ing on hol­i­days! We don’t real­ly con­sid­er the web traf­fic we do (or don’t) get on hol­i­days, since the point is real­ly to be with fam­i­ly and friends on those days and not doing much on the phone. But a post of a house with an Amer­i­can flag with a quote from our Found­ing Fathers on the 4th of July, or a gor­geous sun­rise with a verse of Scrip­ture on East­er, or a group of our employ­ees smil­ing on Thanks­giv­ing — all these are con­sis­tent with the brand we want to estab­lish for White Cas­tle Roof­ing, and are easy as pie to put togeth­er. Con­sid­er post­ing on not-so-well-known hol­i­days, too: Vet­er­ans Day, the Nation­al Day of Prayer, or oth­er fun days like Nation­al Mom and Pop Busi­ness Own­ers Day (March 29) or Nation­al Choco­late Chip Cook­ie Day (August 4). Check out Nation​al​Day​Cal​en​dar​.com for ideas, and plot out fun ones in advance.

With a few con­sis­tent posts in your arse­nal, you can make your social media plan a breeze. Con­sid­er how you might include these three focus areas in your week­ly plans, find the num­ber of posts that works for you each week (for us, it’s three per week — yours might be more or less, depend­ing on your ana­lyt­ics, but that’s a good bal­ance for White Cas­tle Roof­ing) and get your plan — and hash­tags — off the ground today!

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