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How Shar­ing Brand­ed Pho­tos can Ele­vate Your Company

For us, freeze brand­ing is first and fore­most a mar­ket­ing tool we hope will aid us cap­tur­ing more value…”

Wait, what the heck is freeze brand­ing?” I’ve been in the mar­ket­ing world for awhile so fig­ured I missed the memo on this cut­ting edge tac­tic. I fin­ished reading…

— we want peo­ple to see our red or black-hid­ed cat­tle and know that because of that brand, there is val­ue under that hide….” says John Klei­boek­er, a south­west Mis­souri com­mer­cial cat­tle­man who recent­ly imple­ment­ed a freeze-brand­ing pro­gram in his herd.”

…and I real­ized I was read­ing an online pub­li­ca­tion for Beef Mag­a­zine. Wait, your brand­ing might not include a hot (or cold?) iron, but this cat­tle­man has his head on straight when it comes to pro­pelling his com­pa­ny (and lit­er­al) brand for­ward. Let’s chat about what that has to do with you.

1. Take Pictures

One of the eas­i­est, cheap­est, and most impact­ful mar­ket­ing pieces are the pic­tures you take of your projects both before and after com­ple­tion. Dili­gence in build­ing your herd of pho­tographs pro­vides you ample mate­r­i­al for future mar­ket­ing and port­fo­lio pieces.

Already tak­ing pictures?

I’m so proud of you! You’ve tak­en the extra and nec­es­sary step of pho­tograph­ing your jobs as you go, now here are a cou­ple of pro tips. Use Com­pa­ny­Cam to auto­mat­i­cal­ly orga­nize those pho­tos by date and location/​job. After you’ve mas­tered that, take advan­tage of CompanyCam’s before and after cam to share those trans­for­ma­tions with your social media followers.

There’s a step I’d bet a hog-tied calf you are missing…

2. Brand Your Product

Put your logo on your pic­tures. Pep­si puts their name on those beau­ti­ful dark bot­tles so you don’t acci­den­tal­ly ingest Coca Cola – sick. Those fan­tas­tic choco­late sand­wich cook­ies say OREO” on them because the ones that only say choco­late sand­wich cook­ies” are just not the same. You may not have a prod­uct like Pep­si– they have a soda bot­tle to put their name on– but you do have pho­tos of the jobs you com­plete. You can put your logo on your pic­tures to let every­one know there’s val­ue under the hide.” Your name means some­thing – depend­abil­i­ty, integri­ty, crafts­man­ship, qual­i­ty. You can post pic­tures until the cows come home, but dis­con­nect­ed from your name, the image los­es value.

CompanyCam’s before and after cam makes it easy to brand those pho­tos – no wran­glers necessary.

3. Share Those Transformations

Show every­one what you are capa­ble of. Use your web­site, print mate­r­i­al, social media, and your high school reunion to shout it from the rooftops. Repeat­ed­ly plac­ing your brand­ed pho­to in front of your prospects con­tributes to cre­at­ing that cov­et­ed brand recog­ni­tion. Con­sis­tent­ly remind your view­er of your head-and-shoul­ders-above-the-rest capa­bil­i­ties by show­ing them, first hand, how far you brought that project.

Whoa, Bessy. Armed with your smart­phone and Com­pa­ny­Cam, you’re going to com­pile some stun­ning pro­mo­tion­al pieces. It takes dili­gence and the mind­ful­ness to make these steps part of your reg­u­lar work rou­tine but the pay­off can be sweet and (most impor­tant­ly) prof­itable. Cap­ture your stel­lar work, share it with the world, and don’t for­get to take cred­it. You got this.

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