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Fill Your Sales Pipeline & Hire Better Employees with Digital Door Knocking


Digital door knocking provides interactions with your customers and builds their trust. Investing in digital door knocking will bring you more referrals, greater brand awareness, more leads & qualified applicants. According to research, five out of seven people you know are on Facebook — so it is a platform worth investing in. Don’t let failure worry you, let it inspire you to try new tactics and ads.

As part of our Marketing in May webinar series, the Marketing department here at CompanyCam is contributing some fresh material to help guide you in your marketing efforts!

A totalled roof isn’t affected by a virus, and someone is going to get hired to replace it; why not your company?

Regardless of the season, if there’s a pandemic, or murder hornets, we as contractors have to keep leads in the pipeline. To even get the opportunity to give a top-tier customer experience, you have to actually get customers, even in these uncertain times.

The challenge is, we can’t go door to door, invite people to our offices or showrooms, or even give people the decency of a handshake.

The solution is using Facebook to grow your business, a tactic we’re calling Digital Doorknocking.

While there’s no silver bullet or industry secret to growing your business, using Digital Doorknocking will speed up the process. If your business is the truck, filling the pipeline with leads is the diesel fuel in the tank. Someone still has to turn the key and press the gas.

Growth is not just about marketing, it’s solid business.

You have to be ready to handle the leads with emails, texts or phone calls and manage your customer relations with a CRM, quality sales process and a sales staff you can trust to put effort into the relationships with potential customers.

What is digital doorknocking?

Digital doorknocking is using digital marketing to get you and your company in front of potential customers, past customers, and potential new hires. For the sake of time, we’ll just cover Facebook marketing in this article, and since Facebook owns them, it also includes Instagram and WhatsApp. 

If your company was already keen on digital marketing pre-COVID, you’ve already got a huge leg up on the competition. In all honesty, everyone should have been doing digital doorknocking already, but if the challenges of COVID-19 is what brought you here, you’re not too late. 

Simply put, the main goal with going door-to-door, knocking neighborhoods, is to sell roofs. 

But it’s actually more than that: 

  • It’s getting face time with the customer 
  • It’s building trust 
  • It’s communicating a need 
  • It’s instilling trust in your work to improve their quality of life.

Digital doorknocking effectively leverages your brand and achieves these goals without leaving the office. Using Facebook to grow your business is a game-changer, and if you’re not doing it, you’re losing money.

It may seem like a bold claim that spending money on Facebook will make you money, but it’s true. CompanyCam has seen a large portion of our growth attributed to digital marketing, specifically on Facebook. 

A lot of you reading this have probably seen us in your Facebook timelines, and if you haven’t yet, you will now. 

Here are the changes you’ll see in your company by staying consistent with digital doorknocking:

  • More awareness and trust in your brand
  • More leads filling up your pipeline 
  • More referrals and repeat purchases
  • More qualified applicants wanting to work for you

Why does it work?

Just about everyone is on Facebook. There are over 5 Billion monthly users on Facebook’s platforms. Facebook has about 2.5 billion, Instagram surpassed a billion this year, and WhatsApp is sitting right at two billion.

To put that in perspective, there’s about 7.7 billion people total in the world. 

Even if you aren’t on Facebook, five out of every seven people you know are. The majority of people your customers are close to, live with, and work with are on Facebook (or Instagram, or WhatsApp). 

All of your previous customers, potential new customers, and new hires are all on Facebook. 

Digital doorknocking using Facebook marketing, which includes ads on all three of the platforms mentioned above, for your contracting business works because you get to leverage this massive number of people using their services, widdle it down to just the right people, and get your message in front of potential customers. 

Just like you have to hire and pay your employees well, you have to spend to get in front of your customers and fill your pipeline. 

The best part is it doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive to create the ads. Creating Facebook ads for contractors can be as simple as a selfie video or choosing to document instead of creating flashy, highly produced, and expensive ads. 

You can even look up ads your competition is running by searching for their Page in the Facebook Ads Library.

Primary goals for Digital Doorknocking

Let’s unpack the main goals of digital doorknocking. 

1. Awareness and trust

Not everyone needs a new roof (or insert your service here) all the time, but at some point, every homeowner will have to make the decision of which company to use for their new roof tear off and installation. 

Getting people familiar with your brand before they even need a service is key to getting people familiar with you and staying top of mind so when it comes time to shop, you’re already a trusted household name. 

2. Pour on the leads

Now that they’re familiar with you, it’s up to you to make it easy for them to give you their information. Using Facebook is only part of the battle, you must create an experience that makes it easy for the customer to find your phone number or fill out a form for an estimate or consultation. 

The combination of consistently running campaigns on Facebook with a good experience after they click on your ad is an infallible method for getting more business.

3. Referrals and repeat purchases

The buck doesn’t stop once you sign the contract. Leads referred from a previous customer convert at a significantly higher rate than a standard inbound lead or even a lead generated from going door to door. 

Facebook allows you to re-target customers who’ve already interacted with your brand or purchased in the past. This gives you the opportunity to ask for referrals, promote how you’ll reward them for spreading the word, and keep your brand top-of-mind when they move or need more services. 

4. Recruiting top talent

Now that you have a constant stream of leads flowing into your pipeline, you’re going to need to hire some guys to handle the workload. Lucky for you, almost everyone is on Facebook as we mentioned, so you can get your message out that you’re hiring.

Having a solid brand presence on Facebook will also build trust in applicants, and will help you get your hiring needs in front of more people, whittling down the pool of applicants to only the A‑Players.

Parting advice

1. Don’t be afraid to fail

Your first Facebook ad won’t immediately supercharge your business. This process takes time and there will be failures along the way. Commit yourself to testing new ads and audiences and targeting styles, optimizing what is working and scaling up when you see success. 

If Facebook isn’t working for your company, the problem likely isn’t Facebook. It’s your ads, targeting or the customer experience after they click on the ad.

The number one issue I’ve seen in companies I’ve worked with is that they make one post, put a few hundred bucks behind boosting the post, then never try again when it doesn’t pan out the first time.

2. Ignore the haters

Social media brings out the worst in people, and getting more eyes on your ads means a higher chance you’ll see stone-throwers in the comments. Expect it and ignore them. 

You’re in the business of building your brand, not wrestling matches in the comments section. 

3. Hire someone

This is not an easy game. Digital doorknocking is not just social media,” it’s growing your business using the tools and platforms social media provide. 

At some point the work will become too much and it’ll behoove you to hire someone to manage it.

Nick leads the charge for the marketing department, which provides a consistent pipeline of leads for the sales team and grows the overall awareness of the company. From digital ads to content creation, he’s done it all at CompanyCam and brings a ton of strategic thinking and creative problem-solving skills to the table. Nick also enjoys golfing, drinking the dankest IPAs, and complaining about minor inconveniences. 

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