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How to Win & Keep Repeat Customers

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Acquiring a new customer is expensive. Make your job easier (and make more money) by focusing on your relationships with your current clients.

Acquiring new customers isn’t tricky: You can run social media ads, send mailers with discount offers, or hire more salespeople to knock on doors.

But it is expensive.

Do you know what acquisition strategy has the highest ROI? Getting your last customer in line to be your next one. All this takes is a customer-first approach.

CompanyCam CEO Luke Hansen had the pleasure of joining Paul Jamison of Green Industry Podcast to cover this topic during Jobber Summit, the one-day virtual event for leaders in the home service industry to get the expert advice they need to reach new heights of success.

Watch the recap here

So how much of your marketing and sales plan focuses on your current customer base? Here are Luke and Paul’s steps you can fit into your plan right now for instant success and scale:

1. Don’t Be Frustrating to Work With

Not showing up on time or leaving a mess is frustrating for customers. But the small things, like repeating information they’ve already shared or navigating miscommunication between sales and production teams, are the most grating.

Make the experience of working with you simple, so your customer wants to repeat it.

2. Be Memorable

A memory of a good experience will stick with your customers. Go the extra mile (or even a few feet) to be helpful and solve problems.

For example, sharing project details through project timelines is instantly memorable for your customer and makes them feel like they’re in the driver’s seat.

3. Make It Convenient 

Whatever you can do to remove roadblocks for customers is key. Technology has leveled up the baseline of convenience for most services we use (the jury’s still out on self-checkout).

Maybe you can send a document electronically to collect a signature or charge a card on file.

4. Know What Success Means for Your Customer

Some people are looking to keep up with the Joneses. Others are just looking for something to be completed out of sight and out of mind.

Understand what they want at the end of the day and what it will take to consider it a job well done. Once you know that, make sure to deliver. 

How do you pass the customer focus to employees as you build a team? Only some employees will have the same entrepreneurial spirit that you, as the business owner, will have. So, here’s what to look for:

  1. A good attitude. Hire employees with a positive attitude and patience to handle difficult situations kindly. You can teach skills, but you can’t always teach nice.
  2. Show your employees why their work is essential. No matter their role at your company, your employees should understand the pain points your customers experience and how their customer focus impacts the bottom line.

BONUS: Turn Customers into Advocates

Now that your customer-focused team has your customers coming back for more, you can tap into their networks and acquire new customers at lower rates than ever by using a referral platform like NiceJob, one of our partners.

NiceJob allows your customers to easily share rave reviews, refer their friends, and get rewarded for it. And as you probably know, referrals convert at a much higher rate and cost less than your typical acquisition channels, like direct mail and social.

Bonus bonus: NiceJob’s platform integrates with tons of popular CRMs, including Jobber!

Anything Luke and Paul missed that helps your business grow repeat customers and business?

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