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Show Like a Pro

With video walkthrough mode, you can easily create and share personalized content that builds customer trust. Just press record to take a picture-in-picture video that shows your front and back cameras at the same time, adding a personalized touch to a regular update.

Break the ice

Communicate with Video

Eliminate those messy he-said, they-said, we-said” moments when communicating with clients. Capture every detail of a job site in a personalized video, showing all the progress made, to be done, or how it looks finished.

This feature is only available on iOS devices.

Video Walkthrough Mode
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Close deals faster

Upgrade Your Sales Process

As uncomfortable as it may seem, showing your face lets you speak with charm, charisma, and confidence when trying to convince a potential client why they should hire you (and not your competitors).


Show Em How It’s Done

If you have new guys and gals joining the team, you no longer need to train them individually and in person. Just record a quick demo in walkthrough mode to show them who you are and how your processes run.

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Social Video Walkthrough
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One and Done

No marketing budget? No problem. Instead of stitching together multiple videos to share on social media, take a promotional-style video using video walkthrough mode. Your followers will get to know the people of your business and the quality of your work, all at once.


Don’t Stress the Storage

Video walkthroughs are stored in your CompanyCam just like any other video or photo you take. No exporting, editing, or re-importing necessary. Plus, if you integrate with your CRM, all your walkthroughs will seamlessly upload there, too.

Step-by-step instructions

Ready to record a walkthrough?

The quick-start guide below will walk you through it all (no pun intended). 

This feature is only available on iOS devices.

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