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Eyes On Every Project — A Conversation With Nash Everett


Gary works in the indoor air quality industry and it can be emotional. CompanyCam has improved client communication, photo documentation processes, and organization for Nash Everett. Gary loves that CompanyCam projects are geotagged. He tells people, why not try CompanyCam!”

Gary and I first became connected through interesting means: Facebook trolls. CompanyCam usually gets a lot of love online, because our service is a game-changer for all contracting businesses, from roofing to plumbers to everything in between! But still, people say mean things. 

Gary, on the other hand, took it on himself to speak up and say positive things about CompanyCam on the web. *Cue superhero anthem music.*

Gary Szymanski owns Nash Everett, an indoor air quality, mold remediation, and mold and air testing business. Gary interacts with people and family who are immunocompromised, dealing with health issues, and/​or have pre-existing conditions. Keeping customers in the loop and documenting progress is important.

Nash Everett started using CompanyCam a few months ago.

The concept of CompanyCam and the app’s seamless offerings was what initially attracted Gary to the service. At the time, he was using Google photos and found it cumbersome.

Gary made the switch to CompanyCam and is never looking back! CompanyCam solves documentation issues.

[I can] now pull up to a house and immediately create a CompanyCam project,” said Gary. Whether it’s an estimate or a worksite, I’m going to be documenting the entire job process with photos.”


Gary completes six or more estimates a day. 

It’s so much easier to go back to those project photos now with CompanyCam,” he said. Otherwise, you don’t remember — you can’t possibly remember. There’s so much going on.”

CompanyCam also offers a professional solution for client-business communication. Gary says his customers don’t have to call and ask questions anymore, because they feel like they are a part of what is going on through CompanyCam.

How? CompanyCam’s features. Timelines, reports, and galleries — all are able to be shared through one simple link! *insert mind-blown emoji*

The shareable timeline link feature has helped Gary close more business! Customers want to be in the loop; they want to know what’s going on. 

Nash Everett is looking into spaces where the customers have never been or seen. For all they know, Nash Everett could be lying to them about the details. With the shareable timeline link, real-time photos are synced to the project so customers are no longer in the dark.

I just tell the customer, here is your CompanyCam link to your home project,’ and that alleviates a lot of back and forth,” Gary said. Customers feel like they’re part of it. And especially in my business, we’re in places that nobody goes, and these homeowners will never see.”

Many of these projects have three hundred photos, which is a lot of helpful information for the homeowner.

[CompanyCam] gives me the opportunity to have my eyes on the job at all times,” Gary said about his project managers out at job sites. Because of the real-time, updated projects within CompanyCam, Gary doesn’t have to drive places all the time. Gary can oversee everything without being at the site — kinda like teleportation, right?

CompanyCam makes it easy for me. - Gary Szymanski

Human beings are visual beings. Before CompanyCam, Gary would call his clients on the phone. Gary would spend so much more time trying to explain something.” 

Once CompanyCam photos were added to the equation, it became less explaining and less going around in circles.” After all, a picture is worth a thousand words!

CompanyCam hasn’t just saved Nash Everett time and money. CompanyCam has improved team and client-business communication. 

At Nash Everett, they take pride in respecting customers’ time and being transparent. 

CompanyCam saves me time. And it saves me trips all the time now! I don’t have to go to the site and oversee everything anymore. - Gary Szymanski

In the indoor air quality industry, it can be a very emotional business. What Gary and his team does isn’t emotional. But what is happening to the people they serve — be it water damage or mold in their house or their family member getting sick — is emotional. 

I’ve seen many clients crying,” Gary said. I say I’m 90% psychologist and 10% working.”

Keeping your clients in the loop and involved does just that! You are addressing them directly and making sure their feedback is valued. And according to Gary, the more you serve your client, the more referrals you will see. It’s pretty simple stuff. 


Another cool CompanyCam feature is the geotagged photos and projects. CompanyCam will automatically pull up projects that are close to your location. 

So when I pull up to a house and I haven’t been there in two weeks, three weeks, it’s the first one on my list,” said Gary. That’s a cool feature! I don’t have to go digging through photos. It’s faster.”

When asked what he would say to individuals who are on the fence about CompanyCam, he said he understands being a little hesitant. Starting a new software or new process can be overwhelming. 

Why not just try it,” said Gary. You can turn off CompanyCam anytime, and there’s literally no obligation if you don’t like it.”

Your business is based on how you present yourself, complete the work, follow up, and communicate. Try CompanyCam to present yourself as a professional, organized, and ready-to-work business!

Thanks Gary and Nash Everett for standing up to the trolls and for sharing your insights.

Nash Everett provides indoor air quality guidance, answers and corrective measures at a reasonable budget for homeowners, individual’s and property owners.

Be professional, organized, and respected with CompanyCam!


As the Brand Strategist at CompanyCam, Micki builds compelling narratives about those in the trades, researches brand positioning opportunities, strategizes effective distribution of content materials, interviews customers, and meets all the cool influencers at trade shows. After work, Micki can be found watching FIFA highlights, analyzing drama from The Bachelor, trying out new recipes, and lecturing her incorrigible cat, Tommy. It’s the little things.

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