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Company Highlight: ServiceOne

We took a little trip over to Omaha to hang out with some ServiceOne folks and talk about CompanyCam! These guys are pros in plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and appliance repair. Basically, anything you can think of that needs improvement in your home — they can do it.

ServiceOne has always used photos as a way to document their jobs and progress, but before CompanyCam they struggled with a way to organize all the photos they were getting. Tons of photos were being taken day in and day out and it seemed impossible to find a cohesive way to keep everything sorted by location and project. They finally decided they had had enough of digging through email after email for photos and information on projects and tried CompanyCam.

For ServiceOne, CompanyCam is a business tool that helps their entire team get involved on each job, without having to be on-site.

CompanyCam is very user-friendly, very visual,” said Jolene Laakso, the Installation Coordinator for ServiceOne. You can see exactly what the tech or comfort advisor is talking about when they send a picture.”

They’re pictures,” added Jeremy Ebertowski, the HVAC Service Team Lead. The information is what it is, no one can go in and change a picture — they’re there. It makes things flow a lot easier, less mistakes.”

Beyond simply having photos easily accessible and organized, CompanyCam has helped ServiceOne clear a big communication hurdle.

It’s simplified the communication with others in the office,” said John Salmans, an Outside Salesman. When you give someone a visual picture of what you want, it’s easier for them to understand.”

Being able to communicate within the context of the problem and having a photo that clearly calls out what needs to be fixed allows ServiceOne to solve problems faster and reduce the amount of time spent emailing, calling, and texting back and forth.

It’s simplified the communication with others in the office. When you give someone a visual picture of what you want, it’s easier for them to understand.”

Beyond just getting all the team members on the same page, CompanyCam has allowed ServiceOne to communicate better with their customers. The ability to share galleries and photos easily with customers has been a game changer for ServiceOne.

It’s a no-brainer,” added Gary McCollum, the Operations and IT Manager. It’s an easy way to get pictures organized and shared with customers.”

Our whole team can visualize what we see in the field,” continued Salmans. It’s documented evidence of what you need on the job. It just works.”

I think anytime you can find a product like CompanyCam that can save your employees time and benefit your customers, you can recommend it to anyone.”

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