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Com­pa­ny High­light: ServiceOne

We took a lit­tle trip over to Oma­ha to hang out with some Ser­viceOne folks and talk about Com­pa­ny­Cam! These guys are pros in plumb­ing, HVAC, elec­tri­cal, and appli­ance repair. Basi­cal­ly, any­thing you can think of that needs improve­ment in your home — they can do it.

Ser­viceOne has always used pho­tos as a way to doc­u­ment their jobs and progress, but before Com­pa­ny­Cam they strug­gled with a way to orga­nize all the pho­tos they were get­ting. Tons of pho­tos were being tak­en day in and day out and it seemed impos­si­ble to find a cohe­sive way to keep every­thing sort­ed by loca­tion and project. They final­ly decid­ed they had had enough of dig­ging through email after email for pho­tos and infor­ma­tion on projects and tried CompanyCam.

For Ser­viceOne, Com­pa­ny­Cam is a busi­ness tool that helps their entire team get involved on each job, with­out hav­ing to be on-site.

Com­pa­ny­Cam is very user-friend­ly, very visu­al,” said Jolene Laak­so, the Instal­la­tion Coor­di­na­tor for Ser­viceOne. You can see exact­ly what the tech or com­fort advi­sor is talk­ing about when they send a picture.”

They’re pic­tures,” added Jere­my Eber­tows­ki, the HVAC Ser­vice Team Lead. The infor­ma­tion is what it is, no one can go in and change a pic­ture — they’re there. It makes things flow a lot eas­i­er, less mistakes.”

Beyond sim­ply hav­ing pho­tos eas­i­ly acces­si­ble and orga­nized, Com­pa­ny­Cam has helped Ser­viceOne clear a big com­mu­ni­ca­tion hurdle.

It’s sim­pli­fied the com­mu­ni­ca­tion with oth­ers in the office,” said John Salmans, an Out­side Sales­man. When you give some­one a visu­al pic­ture of what you want, it’s eas­i­er for them to understand.”

Being able to com­mu­ni­cate with­in the con­text of the prob­lem and hav­ing a pho­to that clear­ly calls out what needs to be fixed allows Ser­viceOne to solve prob­lems faster and reduce the amount of time spent email­ing, call­ing, and tex­ting back and forth.

It’s sim­pli­fied the com­mu­ni­ca­tion with oth­ers in the office. When you give some­one a visu­al pic­ture of what you want, it’s eas­i­er for them to understand.”

Beyond just get­ting all the team mem­bers on the same page, Com­pa­ny­Cam has allowed Ser­viceOne to com­mu­ni­cate bet­ter with their cus­tomers. The abil­i­ty to share gal­leries and pho­tos eas­i­ly with cus­tomers has been a game chang­er for ServiceOne.

It’s a no-brain­er,” added Gary McCol­lum, the Oper­a­tions and IT Man­ag­er. It’s an easy way to get pic­tures orga­nized and shared with customers.”

Our whole team can visu­al­ize what we see in the field,” con­tin­ued Salmans. It’s doc­u­ment­ed evi­dence of what you need on the job. It just works.”

I think any­time you can find a prod­uct like Com­pa­ny­Cam that can save your employ­ees time and ben­e­fit your cus­tomers, you can rec­om­mend it to anyone.”

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