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How BK Restoration Supercharged Growth with CompanyCam

BK Restoration Project Manager Mark Bartolome

Has your business experienced significant growth, making efficient communication among your expanded team more crucial than ever? Allow us to share how CompanyCam revolutionized the daily operations of a company facing precisely that scenario: BK Restoration.

Imagine you’re running a busy company specializing in fixing fire and water damage. 

You’re juggling many jobs simultaneously, getting different groups to work together, and dealing with tricky insurance claims. It’s a whirlwind of activity. 

Even more importantly, these jobs can NOT wait. In most cases, people are getting displaced, and the sooner they can return to their homes, the better. 

That means your process better be tuned to get the most out of your time so you can keep it all organized.

Then you stumble upon this new tool called CompanyCam, and the game changes for your business processes on day one. 

It’s not a hypothetical situation. This is precisely what happened for BK Restoration when they learned about and adopted CompanyCam into their daily work routines. 

Let’s dive into how BK Restoration used CompanyCam to make their work smoother and more efficient from the folks who did it.

BK Restoration’s World Looked Like This Before CompanyCam

Jeff Koepke, the mastermind behind BK Restoration, knows all too well the struggles of managing a multifaceted restoration business. 

Jeff recalls, Before CompanyCam, it took extensive time to drive to the job site to process the information with the staff on site.” 

Jeff explained that the key to his business is being able to communicate effectively from point A to point B. He says the three keys to success for BK Restoration are Communication, Communication, and Communication.”

So yes, it’s that important.

And let’s not forget the hassle of daily progress photos – a manual process that demanded countless trips, downloads, and storage concerns. As we all know, time is money, and BK Restoration invested a lot of both in these tasks.

So, how did CompanyCam become such a great solution? Let’s hear more!

CompanyCam Becomes a Core Process for a Growing Company

When Jeff discovered CompanyCam, things certainly changed almost instantly. 

What CompanyCam did for Jeff and BK Restoration was this: CompanyCam changed the daily processes of this growing company. 

I don’t have to go back to the office and waste my time downloading photos,” he said. I can just click on this, and it’s saved forever? This is awesome!”

That was my aha moment.”

CompanyCam bridges that gap between team members, allowing BK Restoration to stay in the loop on every project without needing a project manager at every site every day. 

In an industry that thrives on documentation, having a treasure trove of progress photos that can be shared with clients and insurance adjusters in a snap has set BK Restoration miles ahead of the competition. 

And it works for a company the size of BK Restoration where you have dozens of employees needing to all dive in and communicate at once. Even more importantly, better communication leads to reducing mistakes. 

CompanyCam allows me to save time and energy, but most of all, errors,” Jeff affirms. 

The real victory? 

BK Restoration recognized that they could communicate more effectively through photos than by frequenting job sites. The result? Precious time saved and money earned. 

With project managers no longer tied to constant on-site supervision, they had more daily hours to focus on strategic growth. 

As a testament to their success, BK Restoration’s business has flourished due to time savings. 

How much is saved with CompanyCam, you ask?

Mark Bartolome, BK Restoration Vice President, and Project Manager, says, I would say CompanyCam can save all of us collectively in management positions, I would think at least a day’s worth of work a week.”

BK Restoration Project Manager Mark Bartolome

CompanyCam Offers More Than Photo Organization

In a world where efficiency and innovative communication reign supreme, CompanyCam is the easy-to-use software that turned BK Restoration into a lean, mean growth machine. 

Now, with CompanyCam, it’s so simple, we can communicate with people instantaneously,” Jeff explained. 

With every snapshot, the company unlocked new possibilities, which created a new opportunity for growth. 

And it wasn’t just about getting organized. It was about a better process of organization that made the growth potential a reality. 

That’s what CompanyCam does.

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