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Stay informed about what’s happening at each job site in real-time.

Miscommunication costs contractors money. CompanyCam gives you the tools you need to have the right conversation in the right place-saved forever.

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The Photo Feed

Stay in the know by seeing the latest field updates the moment they happen.

Use the CompanyCam Photo Feed to see every photo snapped at your company the instant it’s taken.

The photo feed gives you: 

  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Peace of Mind
photos-of-zach-clarke headshot

Zach Clarke - White Castle Roofing

I used to make hundreds of phone calls every day just to keep up to speed with the progress of our jobs. Now I’ve cut that in half and know twice as much!”

Project Comments

Have one conversation instead of ten.

Ditch messy group texts. Every project has its own comment thread so that everyone involved in that project can be in one conversation.

  • Mention other users with the @ sign
  • Annotate directly on the same photo
  • Leave detailed voice notes
  • No more phone tag
photo-of-drew-smith headshot

Drew Smith - Brad Smith Roofing

CompanyCam has definitely helped our communication, without a doubt. Everything in this business is urgent; it’s about how fast you can put your eyeballs on a situation and come up with a solution.”

Video (New)

Sometimes a photo just doesn’t cut it.

A lot of times pictures just don’t adequately explain what you’re trying to get across. Videos give you more when photos and annotations aren’t enough.

With CompanyCam Video you can:

  • Capture real-time footage of what problems you see.
  • Better explain to homeowners, crews, and insurance adjusters what’s going on.
  • Have more context to the unique problems at job sites and be better prepared.
photo-of-tyler-kimes headshot

Tyler Kime - Standard Heating & Air Conditioning

What I like is that as the GM, I can see what my team is looking at in the field. It helps to have a second set of eyes on projects because items do get missed. It also can be used as quality control from your desk!”


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