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Company Highlight: Premier Claims

We recently took a little field trip to Omaha, NE to visit with Premier Claims, a fully licensed and bonded public adjusting firm. Premier Claims works with homeowners, small businesses, and large corporations ensuring that they get top dollar on every claim filed. Soon to be licensed across the continental United States, Premier Claims is working to level the playing field and advocate for policyholders of any kind. While visiting their office in Omaha we sat down with Jessica Randall, Kyle Maring, and Pate Smith to discuss how CompanyCam has shaped how they do business.

When I found CompanyCam, the lightbulb went off and solved a lot of problems for us.”

When you think CompanyCam, you probably think contractors out in the field taking photos and communicating with their crews, not adjusters working on claims, but proper photo documentation is a must-have when filing claims. 

The biggest issue I see in this industry,” said Smith, business development director, is the lack of photo documentation.” 

For those who don’t understand or believe in the power of taking photos, senior desk adjuster Jessica Randall says that photos are crucial. 

A lot of contractors and PA’s just don’t take enough photos,” said Randall. You really can win a claim based on photo documentation.” 

Maring, a senior advisor and adjuster at Premier Claims, further explained how having a standard, centralized process for capturing photos was something Premier Claims was in desperate need of.

Photo documentation is so important in our industry,” said Maring. We were constantly running into issues where we didn’t have the documents that we needed from the minute after the loss happened. That’s a big reason that we use CompanyCam now, everything’s based in the cloud.”

The old system just wasn’t working and lines of communication were getting crossed. 

We’ve used all sorts of different platforms, Google Drive, Dropbox, people sharing photos on their phone. There was never a good centralized system,” continued Maring. When I found CompanyCam, the lightbulb went off and solved a lot of problems for us.”

After Premier Claims implemented CompanyCam in their process, they saw an immediate improvement in how claims were handled. Jessica remembered a specific moment when she was able to substantiate a claim with direct photo evidence from CompanyCam.

We were trying to show siding damage. We had a photo and my field rep had used the editing tool, circled it and written siding damage, left elevation,” explained Randall. I was able to go to that adjuster and say look this elevation has the damage.’”

Both Randall and Maring say that CompanyCam has greatly improved how they handle claims from start to finish. 

It helps prove the case,” said Randall. It helps me to better understand the claim and it helps me better explain the claim to the insurance company when I can send those pictures off.”

I constantly see problems being solved by CompanyCam, almost every single day,” added Maring. It’s really the transfer of photos – it’s kind of difficult when you’re texting them from contractors to adjusters, that transfer of information. When everyone can log into one centralized database it really makes it easy.”

Overall, CompanyCam has proven to be a valuable tool for Premier Claims, and countless others. The ability to have all their photos stored securely in one place, easy to find and organize, and ready to be sent out to adjusters or insurance providers has made all the difference for their business. 

For Premier Claims,” concluded Randall, CompanyCam is extremely beneficial and helps us to really win claims.” 

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