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Com­pa­ny High­light: Pre­mier Claims

We recent­ly took a lit­tle field trip to Oma­ha, NE to vis­it with Pre­mier Claims, a ful­ly licensed and bond­ed pub­lic adjust­ing firm. Pre­mier Claims works with home­own­ers, small busi­ness­es, and large cor­po­ra­tions ensur­ing that they get top dol­lar on every claim filed. Soon to be licensed across the con­ti­nen­tal Unit­ed States, Pre­mier Claims is work­ing to lev­el the play­ing field and advo­cate for pol­i­cy­hold­ers of any kind. While vis­it­ing their office in Oma­ha we sat down with Jes­si­ca Ran­dall, Kyle Mar­ing, and Pâté Smith to dis­cuss how Com­pa­ny­Cam has shaped how they do business.

When I found Com­pa­ny­Cam, the light­bulb went off and solved a lot of prob­lems for us.”

When you think Com­pa­ny­Cam, you prob­a­bly think con­trac­tors out in the field tak­ing pho­tos and com­mu­ni­cat­ing with their crews, not adjusters work­ing on claims, but prop­er pho­to doc­u­men­ta­tion is a must-have when fil­ing claims. 

The biggest issue I see in this indus­try,” said Smith, busi­ness devel­op­ment direc­tor, is the lack of pho­to documentation.” 

For those who don’t under­stand or believe in the pow­er of tak­ing pho­tos, senior desk adjuster Jes­si­ca Ran­dall says that pho­tos are crucial. 

A lot of con­trac­tors and PA’s just don’t take enough pho­tos,” said Ran­dall. You real­ly can win a claim based on pho­to documentation.” 

Mar­ing, a senior advi­sor and adjuster at Pre­mier Claims, fur­ther explained how hav­ing a stan­dard, cen­tral­ized process for cap­tur­ing pho­tos was some­thing Pre­mier Claims was in des­per­ate need of.

Pho­to doc­u­men­ta­tion is so impor­tant in our indus­try,” said Mar­ing. We were con­stant­ly run­ning into issues where we didn’t have the doc­u­ments that we need­ed from the minute after the loss hap­pened. That’s a big rea­son that we use Com­pa­ny­Cam now, every­thing’s based in the cloud.”

The old sys­tem just wasn’t work­ing and lines of com­mu­ni­ca­tion were get­ting crossed. 

We’ve used all sorts of dif­fer­ent plat­forms, Google Dri­ve, Drop­box, peo­ple shar­ing pho­tos on their phone. There was nev­er a good cen­tral­ized sys­tem,” con­tin­ued Mar­ing. When I found Com­pa­ny­Cam, the light­bulb went off and solved a lot of prob­lems for us.”

After Pre­mier Claims imple­ment­ed Com­pa­ny­Cam in their process, they saw an imme­di­ate improve­ment in how claims were han­dled. Jes­si­ca remem­bered a spe­cif­ic moment when she was able to sub­stan­ti­ate a claim with direct pho­to evi­dence from CompanyCam.

We were try­ing to show sid­ing dam­age. We had a pho­to and my field rep had used the edit­ing tool, cir­cled it and writ­ten sid­ing dam­age, left ele­va­tion,” explained Ran­dall. I was able to go to that adjuster and say look this ele­va­tion has the dam­age.’”

Both Ran­dall and Mar­ing say that Com­pa­ny­Cam has great­ly improved how they han­dle claims from start to finish. 

It helps prove the case,” said Ran­dall. It helps me to bet­ter under­stand the claim and it helps me bet­ter explain the claim to the insur­ance com­pa­ny when I can send those pic­tures off.”

I con­stant­ly see prob­lems being solved by Com­pa­ny­Cam, almost every sin­gle day,” added Mar­ing. It’s real­ly the trans­fer of pho­tos – it’s kind of dif­fi­cult when you’re tex­ting them from con­trac­tors to adjusters, that trans­fer of infor­ma­tion. When every­one can log into one cen­tral­ized data­base it real­ly makes it easy.”

Over­all, Com­pa­ny­Cam has proven to be a valu­able tool for Pre­mier Claims, and count­less oth­ers. The abil­i­ty to have all their pho­tos stored secure­ly in one place, easy to find and orga­nize, and ready to be sent out to adjusters or insur­ance providers has made all the dif­fer­ence for their business. 

For Pre­mier Claims,” con­clud­ed Ran­dall, Com­pa­ny­Cam is extreme­ly ben­e­fi­cial and helps us to real­ly win claims.” 

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