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3 Reasons Dropbox and Google Drive Aren’t as Good as CompanyCam


Change is tough. We get it. But if you’re currently storing photos and videos on Google Drive or Dropbox (or worse, in your text message history), it’s time to switch. And we’ve got the solution for you — CompanyCam. 

How is CompanyCam any different from Dropbox or Google Drive?” 

I already have a camera on my phone, why do I need your app?”

We get these questions a lot from potential CompanyCam customers. And you might even be thinking about them yourself. So let’s break down why our app is the superior choice. (Yes, we’re biased, but hang with us.)

1. More Bang for Your Buck

iCloud charges $2.99 per month per user for a limited amount of storage. Google Drive starts at $6 per month per user, also for a limited amount of storage.

Dropbox runs you $20 per month per user for more storage than Google Drive and iCloud. But to unlock unlimited storage, you’ll need to upgrade to their Advanced plan, which runs $24/​month per user.

All of our pricing tiers come standard with unlimited photo storage, including CompanyCam Basic, which is free for your first 10 projects. CompanyCam Pro ($19/​user/​mo billed annually) and Premium ($29/​user/​mo billed annually) offer even more features that you’ll actually take advantage of to save you time on every job.

2. Geotagging, Reports, and Timelines

Dropbox and Google Drive advertise security and access from anywhere with integrations like Zoom and Slack.

CompanyCam offers similar features, AND ours are exclusively designed for the contracting industry.

All other storage services require you to set up an organization system and spend time uploading photos, videos, and files at the end of each day. With CompanyCam, you can take photos and videos directly in the app to cut out the administrative work.

Plus, we automatically geotag all your files and projects for faster and simpler organization.

Are there more CompanyCam features that beat out all other competitors? Yes! We could go on and on. Here are some quick hits:

  • Reports builder to help organize your photos and documents 
  • Timeline links that let you show your customers’ project evolution in real time
  • Comments and annotations that make it simple to communicate with your team
  • Project labels so it’s easy to find what you need
  • To-do lists so no proverbial balls get dropped
  • Project collaboration, because working with subcontractors and outside companies is part of the everyday job
  • Before and After templates so you can use your CoCam content to market your business

3. Contractor-focused Integrations

We talked about how Google Drive and Dropbox integrate with Slack and Zoom. But our guess is you don’t use those that often.

But we do know you use your CRM, field service software, and project management tools daily. That’s why we integrate with them — to help keep your projects organized and save you time and money. 

Don’t see your favorite software on the list? Our business development team is always working to increase the number of partners and integrations we offer to make your processes more efficient.

You could pay Google $6/​month per user to house photos. Or you could get CompanyCam and pay less than $2 per feature per user to store your photos, visually communicate with everyone in and outside your company, and keep your projects organized from bid to billing.

Still not convinced you should make the switch? Give us 15 minutes to show you the CompanyCam ropes and change your mind. We love a good challenge.

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