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Building a Modern Roofing Company Using CompanyCam


I think it’s safe to say we are one of CompanyCam’s biggest fans.

No, really! Our team was one of the very first adopters of CompanyCam, and we continue to use it daily in our business.

From the app’s easy user interface to the automatic geotagging of the location on every picture, our business would not be where it is today without CompanyCam.

We integrated CompanyCam into our workflow and everything changed.

Read below how it helps our business stand apart from competitors. And how we’re using technology to build a modern roofing company in the digital age!

Adding CompanyCam Into Our Workflow

When we first got started in the roofing industry, we ran into a lot of problems with our insurance provider. 

Our workflow for documenting damage at the time was to:

  • take photos with a digital camera, 
  • upload them to a file share service like DropBox, and then 
  • send that file to the insurance company.

The process was time consuming, clunky, and inefficient.

We were running into a lot of technological road blocks. After all we’re roofing experts, not technology experts!

CompanyCam solved our problems on and off the job site.

The ability to take photos directly in the app, sort them by address, and update in real time has saved us countless headaches. Our billing manager can easily go into the program, search by address, download the photos, and share them with an insurance provider. This decreases the time we have to spend working out a claim, and increases the time we can spend on the job site.

There is no limit on storage space, so we can conduct in-depth roof inspections and capture everything on the job site before we start work. This is especially useful if a customer finds property damage after we complete a job. We can use the CompanyCam photos as evidence of the previous state of the property, and these assets can aid us in an insurance claim. 

The real-time updates and ability to draw on the photos are also super helpful. If there’s a problem on the job site, our crew can take pictures and place arrows to point at what needs to be addressed. Our project manager can look at the photos, troubleshoot, and get back to the crew all without leaving the office!

We never once questioned adding CompanyCam into our workflow. It was a natural integration with our company and we haven’t looked back since!

Solar panels 943999 1920

A roofing crew works to install solar panels, a new roofing technology.

Using Innovation to Differentiate Us From Competitors

This day and age, industries are constantly evolving. In order to adapt, we are always looking for new features to add to our roofing company to help us stand out to customers. 

We utilize emerging technology like drone cameras to complete our roof assessments, and we also use a new type of impact resistant products that allows us to offer a longer warranty than our competitors. 

These features, along with CompanyCam, are an added bonus that we can sell clients on when making a sales call. 

For example, we explain how the app allows us to document everything before, during, and after a job. We also reassure them that this type of documentation would hold us accountable if any property damage were to occur on the job site. 

When clients hear this, they believe that we are unlike any other roofing contractor. And that’s our goal! We want to build a better roofing company that’s fit for the modern age, and by utilizing new technology like CompanyCam, we can get there.

Leveraging Technology to Build a Modern Roofing Company

We have been innovators in the roofing industry since the start of our company. 

We’ve quit using the door-to-door sales model and instead built an in-house marketing team. We’re now using digital marketing, advertising, and SEO to generate leads. 

We utilize new technology like Roofr’s Instant Roofing Calculator on our website to get potential customers an estimate in as little as 26 seconds. The calculator uses artificial intelligence, satellite imagery, and complex algorithms to come up with an estimate and capture potential leads. 

We also use drones on our roof inspections, we have a two-story hydraulic lift called an Equipter that helps us clean our job sites, all our products are premium quality and impact resistant, and we’ve been using paperless documents long before COVID changed how businesses operate. 

CompanyCam is only a small part of how we’re creating a modern roofing company in the digital age, but it’s arguably one of the most important! 

Our customers love that we document the process from start to finish. Insurance companies love that we can photograph damage and send over the evidence in a matter of minutes. And we love that there’s no storage limit, so we can conduct an incredibly detailed inspection!

Gone are the days of wood roofs, door knocking, and paper trails. We’re happy to welcome roofing into the modern age with the help of apps like CompanyCam! 

By sharing all this information with you, we hope to inspire a new age in roofing. One that prioritizes the customer experience, and uses technology and innovation to carry the roofing industry into the 21st century. 

CompanyCam is a powerful tool for contractors; one that streamlines the workflow and sets a company apart from the competition. Advanced roofing technology is already changing how industries operate, and companies that don’t adapt might get left in the dust. By exploring new innovations and processes, a contractor can bring their business into the modern age and help change the industry for the better.

The Foothills Roofing & Exteriors crew poses for a team picture.

Thank you, Foothills Roofing & Exteriors for your insights!

Foothills Roofing & Exteriors is a local Denver and Boulder metro areas roofing contractor. At Foothills Roofing & Exteriors, the driving principle is to create an outstanding customer experience. They do this by offering every client a lifetime workmanship warranty, an upgrade to at least a 40 year impact resistant roof, and many other premium upgrades that come standard with every roof that we install.

For more information, check out their website: Your Colorado Roofing Experts.

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