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Better Together: Integrating CoCam with Other Software

Integration Craft

CompanyCam is great on its own. But it becomes even more powerful when you pair it with other business tools. Follow along below for tips on integrating with JobNimbus, SumoQuote, HOVER, Housecall Pro, and Successware.

We get tons of requests for new features.

In fact, some of our best ideas come from users! But as much as we love hearing from y’all, we simply can’t get to them all. That’s why we have integrations — because there are other tools out there that do exactly what you’re asking for. So instead of reinventing the wheel, we make them work with CoCam.


JobNimbus is a simple CRM and project management tool, all wrapped into one. It’s the easiest way to track jobs, manage production, maintain contacts, and ensure everything is staying on schedule. 

When you integrate with JobNimbus, all your new leads or projects will sync with the associated project in CompanyCam. That way any pictures you take will automatically show under that job or contact back in JobNimbus, keeping all your project details in one place.


These days, clients expect a unique experience that shows them you understand their needs and that your business can be trusted. With SumoQuote, you can build custom quotes in minutes and show customers you understand their project and have the solutions to get the job done right.

But instead of just numbers and descriptions, you can take your quote up a notch with pictures from CompanyCam. So now when there’s a hefty water damage price tag, you can show them exactly why it’s going to cost that much. You know what they say, the proof is in the pudding (or in this case, the picture).


CompanyCam photos + HOVER = a match made in heaven. The two paired together give you a single source of truth and make it easier to measure better and faster. Using just eight pictures of a project’s exterior, you can get complete, detailed, and accurate measurements, down to the inch. 

Plus, with interactive 3D models, you can help homeowners understand their estimates and see their new roof, siding, and windows with real products on their homes.

Housecall Pro

It’s no wonder more service businesses use Housecall Pro than any other field service management software for the trades. And now, CompanyCam + Housecall Pro together is hands-down the easiest way to manage your business. 

With Housecall Pro, scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, and payments are simple. Plus, it’ll be easy to wow your customers and close more deals with sales proposals, maintenance contracts, and automatic review requests.

Integrating with Company Cam makes it that much better — all of your projects will automatically sync to the corresponding job on your Housecall Pro calendar.


Successware is a complete management solution for service contractors. Long story short, it does all the things. It helps you manage customers, the equipment you’re installing, your entire warranty process, and even your maintenance plans. Oh, and it has a full accounting system that can help with purchasing, billing, and payments.

And with a CompanyCam integration, you can add photos to that list. Any pictures you take in CoCam will sync directly with the correct Successware record so you have instant access in real-time. It also takes equipment types from Successware and puts them in your CompanyCam app so you can use them to tag photos, keeping your records on both sides more organized. 

That’s just scratching the surface. Visit our partner network and filter by integrations to see all the software you can pair with CompanyCam. Happy integrating!

As the Retention Campaign Manager, Tiegen’s to blame for why leaving CompanyCam is so dang hard. Day in, day out, she’s busy helping customers find value in the app so they keep coming back again and again (and again). After work, she can be found hanging out with her dog (and her husband, I guess), strolling the aisles of Target, and searching for the *perfect* sour beer.

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