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Snap photos — saved with who took it, where, and when — and edit to add more context.

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Data capture

Data Capture

CompanyCam photos are your source of truth. Every photo and video taken in CompanyCam is always:

  • Attached to a project
  • Geotagged
  • Date & timestamped
  • User attributed

Edit Mode

Add context to your photos and highlight areas that need attention. CompanyCam’s Edit Mode includes:

  • Draw
  • Text
  • Arrows
  • Shapes
  • Stickers
  • Timestamps
  • Adjustments
  • Crop
  • Rotation
Edit mode
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Video gives you more when photos and annotations aren’t enough. With CompanyCam Video, you can:

  • Capture real-time footage of the problems you see.
  • Explain to homeowners, crews, and insurance adjusters what’s going on.
  • Have more context to the unique problems at job sites and be better prepared.
Document scanning

Document Scanning

With the Document Scanner save anything as a PDF — agreements, receipts, work orders, estimates — directly in CompanyCam.


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CompanyCam has definitely helped our communication, without a doubt. Everything in this business is urgent; it’s about how fast you can put your eyeballs on a situation and come up with a solution.”

This is the coolest flipping thing since sliced bread. My guys are constantly emailing/​texting me pictures. Then I have to print them, save them etc. It’s always been a royal pain. This is so great that all of them go to one place.

CompanyCam pays for itself in just a couple incidents where a customer says, No, I don’t want to pay for that’ and it’s a thousand dollars. The app just paid for itself three times over. It’s a no brainer!”

I used to make hundreds of phone calls every day just to keep up to speed with the progress of our jobs. Now I’ve cut that in half and know twice as much!”

The ease of use, the instant photo sharing and labeling makes our work a lot easier to communicate with homeowners, property management and crews.”

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