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Water Cooler Tips: Color Coding Annotations

We’re back again with more Water Cooler Tips!

Today we’ve got another tip coming from White Castle Roofing. We promise we aren’t playing favorites, they’ve just got good tips! 

One of the best features in CompanyCam is the ability to annotate photos with text, arrows, drawings, you name it. BUT did you know that you can color code those annotations by department, stage in the project, or person? 

Now, this may seem kind of obvious, but the simple act of changing the color can save you tons of time when figuring out what needs to be done at each site. 

The way White Castle Roofing color codes is by department. They have their salespeople take photos when first visiting the site, markup what they immediately notice and add any comments or specifications that the crew may need to know. 

Then, the crew uses a different color when they’re out on site to add any additional information, let the office know of any changes, and keep everyone up to speed on the progress. 

Keeping annotations organized by color is a super simple way to keep communication clear and ensure that each stage of the project is thoroughly documented and nothing slips between the cracks. 

If you have any helpful tips or tricks you’ve come across while using CompanyCam, send them our way! We’d love to hear the fun and unique ways you use the app. 

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