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Top 5 Time Tracking Apps


CompanyCam is committed to making your work less difficult through any means possible. For your convenience, we have dug deep and narrowed in on the 5 best time tracking apps to accelerate your Business’ workflow.




Running your own business is tough, managing mobile teams is tough, and one of the greatest barriers to building a good business into a great business is inefficiency. Understanding how your team is using their time and having the ability to track their activity will enable you to extend trust to your employees, to truly empower them. The question is, what’s the best way to do that? Enter Toggl. When it comes to time tracking apps and software, the leader on the scene is Toggl. Used by over 70,000 businesses worldwide, Toggl is an easy tracking and project management app that your team can pick up and run with from day one.

In terms of usability, Toggl couldn’t be more simple. You open the app, click Start” and click Stop” when you are done. That’s it. Time tracked. Your team will not be frustrated by any annoying process or learning curve that you are adding to their day.

Toggl has done their work in terms of making it easy to integrate your current processes into their world. Your managers will seamlessly be able to run reports and Toggl has built in multiple features to track projects, create client lists, track billable hours, and on and on we go. All of it is jammed into a great mobile platform – a simple app that can be used by anyone.


Toggl is free and they have built an app for every major mobile platform. Toggl’s basic plan is always free, adding features with premium plans will cost you anywhere from $9 – $49 annually.

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Hours Time Tracking


Hours Time Tracking has received loads of praise all over the web – Forbes calls it The perfect iPhone time tracking app.” That’s a pretty strong endorsement! So – why is it so great?

In so many ways, the problem with time tracking isn’t so much with the app or the software, it’s with the user – techies across the globe would be quick to nod their head in agreement…it’s the people that are stupid! It’s sad to admit, but there is a lot of truth to this and that’s what makes Hours Time Tracking so helpful. Of course, Hours Time Tracking does a great job of tracking your time – no worries there.

What’s great is Hours Time Tracking allows you to set up reminders so that you, user, don’t forget to track your time in the first place, don’t forget to stop your timer when you finish a task, or don’t forget to switch to a new timer when you have moved on to a new project. Hours Time Tracking is telling us, as nicely as possible, that it’s not them, it’s us, but they’ve proposed a solution.

We all know that even with these additional stop-gaps built in, we will still mess it up. Fortunately, Hours Time Tracking is easily edited and adjustments to your time tracking is hassle-free.

Like Toggl, Hours Time Tracking is incredibly easy to use and their web-based platform is simple and enables managers to run all of the back-end management that is necessary to ensure you are getting all you can out of your teams.


Hours Time Tracking is available for iOS devices and is available in the Apple Store for Free.


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As we move along, you start to see that what separates one time tracking app from the next is the small things – shoot, a stopwatch can keep track of time just fine, right? Because of that, you have to start to look past the basic functionality and towards those things that make each app stand out. Timely will do those things that Toggl and Hours Time Tracking will do, and they all do the basic thing well. Timely adds a few wrinkles that will make you want to check it out.

What sets Timely apart is that it can be used not only as a tracker, but as a planner. Essentially, Timely can shift from Time Tracking (it does that well) to workflow planning seamlessly – allowing you to treat it as a one-stop-shop for both forecasting and tracking. The other slick feature in Timely is a dashboard tool that allows you to review your whole team’s activity in a glance. This also allows managers to see which team members have available capacity – new jobs or projects can be shifted quickly to the team member with adequate margin to complete the task in the most efficient way possible. Managers that use this tool well have been able to drastically reduce overhead.


Timely offers a free 14 day trial, after that users will need to subscribe to a monthly plan, priced according to number of projects/​users. Prices range from $7 – $59/​month. Timely can be found in both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


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If you are still reading, it appears that you really care about this time tracking deal. It’s possible that you are looking for something more than just time tracking – that you are looking for a more all-encompassing tool that takes this idea and adds feature upon feature. If that’s you, welcome to TSheets.

TSheets certainly does time tracking, it can do forecasting, it can help with project management. But if you are wanting more than a simple tracking app, if you’re looking for a robust platform that can be integrated into your current processes, TSheets is software you’ll want to check out.

What we love most about TSheets is their use of GPS to monitor tracking and to help managers get a bird’s eye view of where the team is working. When an employee clocks out, GPS tracking shuts off. Not only this, but managers can require photos upon check in or departure from a project. Not only does this add another layer of accountability, it can ensure, for example, that project sites are clean and up to standard when the work is done – TSheets gives you eyes at the job site.

TSheets is pretty much universally praised and, with the free trial they offer, there is no reason to not give it a run and see what it can do for you.


As mentioned, TSheets offers a free trial and, if you are looking to merely use it yourself, it is free for one user, period. For multiple users the cost is $4/​month. The TSheets app is available in both the Apple and Google Play store for free.


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Harvest is a big player in the time tracking world. If you are looking for a solid and time tested player in the time tracking world, Harvest might be for you. In terms of assessing what sets one app or software package from another, we are now moving into the realm of preference. So much of it comes down to usability, design, integration with other critical tools you use day to day.

Harvest’s design is slick and simple – it will not be a pain to use. The software and app are as well-rounded as the other leaders in the field. Their time tracking functionality is simple to use – once you input a client and a task you can keep track of the time spent on a specific project simply.

Managers and admins can simply track a team’s status in terms of time spent and efficiency. In the same vein, managers can ensure that projects stay on budget by tracking time and billable hours the team has amassed. So – again – this is not rocket science, the question is whether you like the way all of this occurs in Harvest vs. another app. That’s for you to decide.

One feature that Harvest has added that is unique in an integrated ability to track expenses per project – think something like Expensify built into a time tracking app. Since part of what we praise here is efficiency and making the most of any single tool, some users will love this integration and it might seal the deal for them with Harvest.

Overall, it’s a great app that accomplishes all that you could ask of it. Harvest has been around the block once or twice as well so you know they aren’t going to drop the ball in terms of delivering the basics for you.


The Harvest app is free in the Apple and Google Play stores. They offer a fully functional 30 day free trial, after which you will need to decide which plan you want. Their free plan allows one user to track two projects. After that pricing jumps to $19/​user per month.


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