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Turning Houses into Dream Homes: Meet the Women of Bes Builder

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March 5 – 11 is Women in Construction Week, dedicated to recognizing and celebrating women in the construction industry! Here at CompanyCam we are taking this chance to highlight women in our user-base who are thriving in the industry, like Bes Builder — a fully women-owned remodeling and construction business in Austin, Texas. 

Building Bes

Bes Builder, based in Austin, Texas, is a remodeling and construction business that uses CompanyCam to document their jobs. Owners Lisa Doris and Kristy Cloud built their business around the idea of what home means to them, not only as business owners, but as women and mothers. 

They are the perfect duo — Lisa handles operations while Kristy runs the project management side of things — and they have similar approaches to running a business. When they started Bes, they were both excited about being able to do things exactly how they wanted. 

Kristy and Lisa knew they wanted to build a business that acknowledged doing a major home remodel isn’t just a monetary investment — it’s an emotional one too. Home is where families are built and memories are made, and who could understand that better than two moms? 

From the very beginning, they were excited about being able to do things the right way and truly look out for their clients and the homes they work in. 

What’s a Bes”?

A home remodel can be stressful and disruptive, and the women of Bes Builder approach their clients with empathy and understanding. They take extra steps to be as upfront and transparent as possible with their clients, even when things don’t go exactly as planned. 

When Lisa and Kristy were looking for the perfect name for their business, they wanted one that reflected that philosophy. 

They looked to mythology and stumbled upon Bes—an ancient Egyptian god that was worshiped as the protector of households, mothers, and children. Naming their business Bes Builder felt like the perfect way to honor their commitment to helping clients create their dream home. 

Women Uplifting Women

Lisa’s influence extends past her own business. The remodeling industry in Austin is important to her, and she’s involved in NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry), and she has sat on the Austin NARI board as the Vice President, Director at Large, and Secretary.

NARI’s Contractor of the Year (CotY) Awards are a major recognition program for the remodeling industry, and Bes Builder was the 2022 National/​Regional CotY award winners for a residential kitchen! 

Lisa has had an overwhelmingly positive experience as a woman in the trades, and she’s used that to encourage and uplift other women in her community. She is the founder of a sub-chapter of NARI called WIN—Women in NARI — which is dedicated to creating a community for women in the remodeling industry. 

WIN also raises money for women who are entering trade school, to continue to encourage more women to get started in the trades. 

A Foundation for Growth 

When Lisa and Kristy first started Bes Builder, they knew they wanted it to be more than just a business. They set out to build something that supported their lives as women and mothers, and they’ve grown a successful business while raising kids.

Their partnership has been the strong foundation of Bes Builder from the beginning, and their empathy and understanding will continue to be their greatest strength as they grow their business in the future. 

Learn More about Bes Builder

To read more about Bes Builder, visit their website or follow them on Instagram!

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