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Water Cooler Tips: The Project Feed

Taking photos at the job site, uploading them to your computer, and organizing dozens of folders just isn’t a good system.

We’ve spent more than our fair share of time digging through project folders trying to find the photo we’re looking for, and that’s why we created CompanyCam. Our project feed automatically organizes photos by location and time, so you’re getting real time updates from each job site. Now you can easily see every project across your company and monitor the work getting done — all from your phone.

How it Works

The most recent photos your company has taken appear at the top of the feed, showing you what’s getting done and where. You can also see who is taking photos and when they’ve taken them, allowing you to keep up with your team from the office, your truck, anywhere.

Clicking into a project from the feed, you can view each photo individually and see when the photo was taken, who took it, and any notes they may have left.

You can also add tags to projects like roofing,” siding,” etc. and can quickly search and find all projects matching that tag.

We know that getting and staying organized is a difficult task — we’ve been there. When we realized so many contractors and companies had the same struggles we did, we knew CompanyCam was the answer.

The project feed is like a Facebook feed for your business and keeps you up to speed on everything going on. Forget about Dropbox, file folders, and endless streams of emails and texts. We’ve done all the work for you.

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