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Starting a Job in a Pandemic


What’s it like to start during COVID-19? Meeting coworkers is different, Zoom becomes your best buddy, and (according to CompanyCampers) it’s easier than you think!

Advice? Stick to a schedule, stay positive, and get a dog.

Jokes on us for thinking the pandemic would be over in a couple weeks. Here we are, 8 months later, still holding onto hope that things will go back to normal” soon. As the world adjusts and businesses do what they can to stay safe, this temporary WFH lifestyle seems to be getting more permanent. 

Fortunately, our CoCamFam still continues to grow regardless of the challenges. Since COVID-19 hit, we’ve actually hired 26 new employees!

Starting a job during pandemic is difficult. It can also be amazing. We asked our new crew about their experiences starting during COVID-19.

What’s It Like Starting a Job During a Pandemic?

Zoom is your new best friend

Hannah says, Starting during a pandemic is weird!” Well, one thing is for sure: the constant Zooming becomes familiar.” Although Zoom can be a pain in the butt, it is a unique experience working with people in different locations and offices.”

Meeting coworkers is difficult

Starting a job in a pandemic was not as bad” as Eric thought it’d be. Now the only issue is meeting coworkers.” Doug says, Starting a job during a pandemic is a lot easier than having your first kid during the pandemic.” You know– I’m not surprised, Doug.

Grateful to HAVE a job

Getting a job during COVID-19 was a huge relief” to Kait. The whole industry was hit hard in her previous job so every day was a big question mark.” 

Nicole says it was extremely nerve-wracking and stressful” starting a new job. Luckily once Nicole got rolling, CompanyCam made everything easy.” Jared says he is just glad to be at a company thriving in these tough times.”

Starting during COVID-19 has been stressful, but as a Latina I’ve never felt more welcomed, seen, heard, and included as I have with CC. — Sulma

Same ol’ same ol’

For many CompanyCampers, working-from-home isn’t new. Chris has been working remotely for ten years and is already a Zoom guru. It has been business as usual for me, except now everyone is working from home, which has actually been kind of nice” (Chris).

Alison can relate– her previous job was also fully remote. But now, it’s weird not having the option of working from a café or a coworking space if my brain needs a change of scenery.”

Easier than expected

Thankfully many said starting a new job was easier than expected. Tiegen said that, although it’s definitely hard not being able to interact with coworkers in person,” everyone at CoCam has been so supportive and willing to help.” She was welcomed with a swag box, a DoorDash gift card for lunches, and tons of friendly Slacks.” Scott found his transition into a new job surprisingly smooth,” while Patrick went as far as to say it has been easier than starting a new job in a non-pandemic.” 

Exciting opportunity

As difficult as starting a new job can be, exciting opportunities do come with it. To Isaac, one of those opportunities was getting to work at a place where it feels like a family.” To Emily, it means she got to wear sweatpants during onboarding” and now sleeps in a little later!” Who wouldn’t want that?

What Advice Would You Give to Those Starting a Remote Job?

  • Invest in a home office
    • Every added layer of comfort and functionality is a BIG boost to morale. And ship your kids off if you can. Having our almost two-year-old out of the house definitely helps productivity! — Eric
    • Invest in your setup and make it a space that is dedicated, comfortable, and professional. — Casey
  • Stick to a tight work schedule
    • My team has a daily call at 9 am. and just having something on my calendar at a consistent time to kick off every day has been a huge help. — Hannah
    • Set a start time, lunch time, and end time for your day and stick to it! — Jared
  • Separate work and home life
    • Make sure to have separation between home and work life. Without it, you can end up either working too much or not working enough. — Daniel
  • Put in effort to build relationships
    • Stay connected to your coworkers and be engaged — in chat, meetings, etc. It’s important, so you don’t feel like you’re working alone all day. — Kim
    • Always assume the best intentions from your teammates (and put your best intentions forward too). — Coleman
    • Do all that you can to actually get to know the people you interact with weekly. Schedule a Zoom call for 30 minutes with someone you don’t know that well just to hear their story and what they do at the company, you won’t regret it. — Isaac
    • Don’t be afraid to reach out and message other people! Everyone I’ve reached out to has been so welcoming and warm. — Emily
I was a little nervous to switch jobs during this unknown time, but CompanyCam knows what they are doing and I couldn’t turn down this opportunity. They did a great job of getting me all the equipment and resources to be ready to go day one without ever going into the office. — Kelli
  • Don’t lose sight of perspective
    • Don’t forget that the world exists outside of your desk and kitchen. If you feel yourself not being able to brain good anymore, then a walk around the block or even just out to the front porch might help. — Alison
    • Get. A. Dog. They’re the best kind of coworker. Plus, they need walks so it’s a great excuse to take breaks and get outside. — Tiegen
    • It’s hard not having casual social interaction. So be intentional with those you do meet. Example: I now know the baristas at my local coffee shop better! — Parker
  • Enjoy the advantages
    • Take advantage of working at home: go take a mental break with your pets or bring your laptop to the backyard. Don’t wake up three minutes before you start working. Give yourself time to ease into the day with a coffee or something — Doug
    • Take advantage of the flexibility it provides, like being able to sit outside and work on your deck occasionally! — Scott

Adjusting to the WFH lifestyle has been a challenge, but as a company, we are incredibly grateful for where CompanyCam is at. We realize how lucky we are to be thriving during COVID-19, and we don’t take it for granted.

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