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Keeping Company Culture Strong During COVID-19


There are a lot of great things about CompanyCam. Not only does the app solve problems, keep businesses organized, and employees accountable — CompanyCam also has one of the most vibrant and genuine company cultures around. From the office chaos to the now WFH lull, CompanyCam has needed to adjust to the drastic change of pace. Although the pizza lunches, Friday afternoon beer hangouts, and Luke’s backseat driver comments have paused (thank goodness), the company culture has remained strong through Zoom, Slack, and online activities implemented by the unwavering party-planning-committee.

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Zoom is much more than just a video conferencing tool to CompanyCam. Zoom has become an essential link between CoCamFam and company culture. Walking down to the local bar after work is no longer an option — so we have made do with what we’ve been given. Zoom now happily hosts the weekly Beer Hangouts. CompanyCam has become one with the times! We have to wait a few weeks for Pizza Friday, but COVID-19 can’t take away the company’s love for chatting about nonsense and drinking beer (or Rose, if you’re Zoe).

Zoom is being used for mental health check-ins, too. Before the COVID-19 outbreak, CompanyCam began offering free mental health services to all employees. Zoom is ideal for continuing healthy conversations of how everyone is genuinely doing, particularly through the craziness of the past few weeks. Being honest and real about who you are and where you’re at, is at the root of the CoCam culture. Consistent check-in has proven to be vital in ensuring the culture remains consistent.

Keeping your Slack status up-to-date is a must. Thank goodness for the 90+ food emojis! We can even keep up with everyone’s lunch options — just kidding. But in all seriousness, updating your slack status is important. Be it in a Zoom meeting, walking your dog, grabbing lunch — keeping coworkers in the loop has helped continue engagement and teamwork across the company. For example, Jordan Roark’s status currently states WFH: this house is a prison.” So like we said, Jordan has now made it very clear how she feels about working from home — Ha!

Slack keeps the conversation flowing and the conversation light. Being able to join specific channels provides employees with options. The #announcements channel is a given, but the #gaming and #doodles channels add in the variety! Debo has found great joy being a member of the #bachelor channel. He says every episode is a train wreck waiting to happen and provides us with endless memes to share. It’s exhilarating. And it makes me feel a little bit better about the relative normalcy of my life.”

Socializing through Screens

The lounge/​video game room in the office was central to the company culture before COVID-19. And with the internet on our side, Rocket League can continue regardless! Rocket League is the OG of CompanyCam video games, however, Call of Duty and Animal Crossing have recently become popular games, too. These games have kept the interaction, socialization, and competition alive.

While Charley tends to dominate the rocket league scene, the video below shows Caleb dunking on some fools in overtime.”

During the daily department check-ins, we exchange TV show, movie, and book recommendations with each other. I even recommended one of my history textbooks — we truly are in desperate times! Sharing ideas helps us stay connected and interested in each other’s lives beyond work — it is always fascinating hearing what books and shows interest coworkers.

No virus can stop the party planning committee from planning parties! This week the committee organized a trivia event, using the website: crowdpurr. Debo, Levi, and Dr. Dan won this week. Who knew they knew so much about the Tour De La France and taste buds?!

If you’re struggling with figuring out to keep your company connected and in a good headspace, take a note from CompanyCam’s book and give folks around your office something to look forward to — and don’t forget to check in and see how people are really doing. 

Even though things have changed a ton in the last couple weeks — and will no doubt continue to change — we here at CompanyCam are doing everything we can to keep spirits, and productivity, high! 

CompanyCam has always been proud of its culture — and let me reassure you: it’s going to take more than the Coronavirus to damage it.

As the Brand Strategist at CompanyCam, Micki builds compelling narratives about those in the trades, researches brand positioning opportunities, strategizes effective distribution of content materials, interviews customers, and meets all the cool influencers at trade shows. After work, Micki can be found watching FIFA highlights, analyzing drama from The Bachelor, trying out new recipes, and lecturing her incorrigible cat, Tommy. It’s the little things.

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