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Share Projects from Start to Finish

Project Timelines PT Blog

Let customers see your progress with shareable project timelines and galleries.

One of the driving factors of CompanyCam is transparency. You should be able to see everything happening at every job site across your company at all times. But you also shouldn’t have to wait for someone to text progress pictures or, worse, drive to each job site yourself to see what got done that day. 

In CompanyCam, you use the project feed to see all the photos taken at each of your jobs. But what about the people outside your company asking for updates? They can’t see your feed, and we all know some homeowners can’t wait for the big reveal like those HGTV shows. 

Thanks to CompanyCam’s project timeline and photo gallery features, they don’t have to. 

Project Timelines

Project timelines give you the ability to keep homeowners up to date on progress happening at their home, without any extra phone calls or tedious work on your end. 

Once you have a project created for the home or business you’re at, copy the timeline link and paste it into an email or text message to let the customer see every photo happening at the project in real-time. 

Once the link is shared, your work is done (well, besides the work they contracted you to do). Customers will be able to reference that same link over and over again to see photos roll in as they’re being taken.

And if you want to stop sharing progress photos with the customer, you have that option. Just disable the timeline link on the web app, and they won’t have access to it anymore. Or if there’s just a photo or two you don’t want them to see, it’s easy to hide them from the project timeline. 

Photo Galleries

If they don’t need a play-by-play update or you don’t want to share everything, we have a feature for that too — photo galleries. They let you send a comprehensive recap of the work you did to a client. Plus, they’re great for posting completed projects on social media. 

The best part is you get to choose which photos get shared so homeowners and followers don’t have to sift through duplicates or random shots. 

To create a gallery, just select the photos you want to include in one. Then, click Share” and Gallery” to create it. From there, you can share it on social media or in an email or text. 

What’s the Difference?

You can’t go wrong with either, but there is one key difference between the two features:

  • The link for project timelines will always stay the same even when new photos are added. Plus, you have the option to disable the link after the project is complete. 
  • Galleries, on the other hand, can’t be disabled. Once a gallery is created, it’s in your client’s hands forever so they can remember the work long after the completion date. 

CompanyCam doesn’t just make your employees’ lives easier. We’ll help you create a better experience for your customers and clients by keeping them in the loop from start to finish — without any extra hassle.

Follow these steps to create a project timeline and check out this tutorial to see how galleries work. Don’t have a CompanyCam account yet? Get started in just 30 seconds.

As the Retention Campaign Manager, Tiegen’s to blame for why leaving CompanyCam is so dang hard. Day in, day out, she’s busy helping customers find value in the app so they keep coming back again and again (and again). After work, she can be found hanging out with her dog (and her husband, I guess), strolling the aisles of Target, and searching for the *perfect* sour beer.

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