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Seal More Deals with CompanyCam Signatures

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The CompanyCam Signatures add-on allows you to request, track, and collect the signatures you need — from the office or the field — to keep your business protected and projects moving along.

Bids, warranties, subcontractor agreements: there’s A LOT of paperwork you need completed every day on the job. And while handshakes and head nods can set work in motion, they’re not the most reliable when it comes to disagreements.

This is why we launched CompanyCam Signatures to help you get your important documents signed and your butt covered without ever leaving the job site or the CompanyCam app.

What are CompanyCam Signatures? 

CompanyCam Signatures is an add-on that allows you to request, track, and collect electronic signatures on documents in CompanyCam.

The add-on enables you to add things like signature, initial, and date fields to the documents you have in your CompanyCam account and send for signatures in a few clicks from your desktop. And now you can even gather signatures from the mobile app while you’re out on a job.

The Signatures add-on is $49 monthly for Pro and Premium accounts for unlimited users and signatures.

How to Use CompanyCam Signatures

First, you need to get access. Head to your billing page to add Signatures to your account.

Then, you need a document to sign! On the web, navigate to your Documents tab and select the document you want to sign. You’ll need to upload one if you don’t have the document you want to be signed in your CompanyCam account yet.

Signatures on the Web

Once you find the document you want signed, you’ll open it, click the blue Request Signatures button, and enter the information of the people you need signatures from.

From there, you can add a signature and initial fields, date and name, and areas for open text. Then, click next and format the email that will be sent on your behalf from CompanyCam. Your client will then get an email walking them through the simple steps of adding their signature to the doc.

Signatures in the App

On the CompanyCam mobile app, head to a project and tap on Documents. Find the Document you need a John Hancock on, then tap Fill & Sign. You’ll have the option to add text boxes (if you need to include things like time, date, and name) or a signature field.

Then all you need to do is pass your phone/​tablet to your customer and have them sign.

How Signatures Compares to the Competition

There are a lot of others in the electronic signature game. After some research and interviews with our users, we decided that a per-account charge made the most sense.

That way, everyone who needs access can have access, and you don’t have to stress over adding/​removing someone to stay under a limit.

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And there’s no pressure (or even an option) to sign up long-term — if you decide Signatures isn’t for you, you can drop it from your account without affecting any other features.

If you are a one-person operation, you may save money by using a different option. But if you have a handful of employees who need signatures each day or want to keep everything streamlined in one app, you’ll start saving immediately with Signatures.

Where to Use Signatures in Your Business

There are many ways to use Signatures to your business’ advantage and cover your butt.

  1. Bids. If a client accepts the conditions of a work order, a signature and a check get the project started.

  2. Change Orders. When a client wants something changed mid-project, you can add it to the contract and require the client to sign off on the price increase.

  3. Collaborators. If you work with subcontractors, you should both sign off before and after work is completed.

  4. Warranty. Customer sign-offs on completed warranty work.

  5. Cover Your Butt. After you document pre-existing damages or complete a job, request a signature from a client.

Many users even use them to document when and where suppliers delivered materials to job sites.

Get CompanyCam Signatures Today

If this sounds like something you could benefit from, head to your billing page and add Signatures to your account!

If you have questions about Signatures (or any other feature), check out the classes page for a replay of our live Signatures class.

That’s all for now: CompanyCam signing off. ✍️

Frequently Asked Questions about CompanyCam Signatures

Still have questions about Signatures? Check out our guide or keep scrolling for some A’s to some FAQs.

How do you add a document in CompanyCam?

A great first place to start. The way that most users upload their documents is via a web browser.

You can also scan documents with our mobile app. This is especially useful for receipts and expenses.

Can I add Signatures in the app?

You can! Navigate to the project you’re working on and tap Documents. Then either upload or open the document you want to fill and sign.

My customer can’t find the request in their email. Where is it?

Email services have tons of filters and folders, so be sure to have your recipients search around their inbox, junk, and other folders they might have.

Do the people I send requests to need to have CompanyCam?

Nope! The people you send signature requests to do not need a CompanyCam account or login. Your clients just need access to their email inbox to receive and sign.

You only need to have a CompanyCam account to request, track, and collect signatures.

Do Signatures work on Checklists?

To do this, you’ll need to use the new workflow we added that allows you to export checklists as PDFs/​Documents! Once you do that, and it’s in your Documents tab, you can add Signatures fields.

Can I add Signatures to a Report?

To do this, you’ll need to download your Report as a PDF, and then upload it as a Document (check out the first FAQ for that workflow).

Are these documents legally binding?

They are once all signees add their signature and click on the I Agree” button after reading the prompt at the top of the page.

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