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New Enhanced Photo Search: Your Folder Solution

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Fast just got faster: Find the essential photos you need, whether you’re at the job site or office, with CompanyCam’s new filtering system.

Imagine this scenario: You’re sorting through 50 project photos showcasing various roof work. Some photos are of asphalt shingle installations, while others are of metal roofing that still needs to be installed. Additionally, a few other photos highlight sections needing urgent repairs. Previously, filtering to find specific roofing photos may have been a time-consuming task.

Not anymore.

You now have access to a filtering system to help you locate the photos you need exactly when you need them – whether at your desk or on-site with our mobile app.

How it works:

To start, select a project with multiple photos that have multiple tags. (If you haven’t used tags before, check out How to Organize Photos with Tags)

Find the AND/OR toggle in the Projects View” menu [on desktop].

AND OR Filter UI

With the toggle set to AND’, close your View’ dropdown menu. Then on the right-hand side of your project, select which tags you want to filter your photos by.

For example:

Repeating the opening scenario, let’s say throughout the project, a variety of photos are tagged as Asphalt shingle,’ Installed,’ metal roofing,’ in-progress,’ need repair.’

You now can click on the tags need repair’ & asphalt shingle’ to see EXACTLY what photos and parts of your project still need to be repaired.

This update allowed for a whole new level of precision in your searches.

Simplifying Your Photo Quest

Our upgraded filtering setup is all about putting you in control of your photo searches. Say goodbye to sifting through project photos – we’ve streamlined the process to ensure you’re always just a few clicks away from the images that matter most in the moment.

Whether you’re assessing roof types, inspecting flashing details, or pinpointing repair areas, this filter will be your trusty assistant to your tagging system. Showing you the exact photos you seek.

Seamless Transitions: From Roof to Office and Back

As an administrator or manager in contracting or construction, you’re always on the go, balancing site visits and office tasks. This project filtering update has been designed with your dynamic role in mind. Whether sitting at your desk or visiting the latest job site, you’ll experience the same user-friendly and efficient filtering capabilities.

Gone are the days of struggling to find that specific roofing image amidst a sea of photos. Our system ensures you can seamlessly transition from on-site evaluations to coordinating tasks at your office.

Your role is crucial, and we’re dedicated to helping make it a little easier. We aim to empower you with tools that simplify your tasks and support your productivity.

How FAST can you find your important photos?

Let us show you how to do it faster.

Part of the amazing Content Strategy team at CompanyCam, John is a Senior Content Strategist and focuses on crafting and delivering value to contractors and their businesses through content. When he’s not thinking about the next great idea to share with the world, he enjoys building and playing guitars, working on classic cars/​trucks, playing golf (sometimes well), and spending time with his family.

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