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Water Cooler Tips: How to Draw on Photos

One of the coolest features in CompanyCam is the ability to draw and annotate directly on photos. 

Things can easily get lost in the shuffle and directions can get muddied — you need a way to keep everything in one place. With CompanyCam, you can take photos of what needs to be done at each site, tag who needs to work on it, and give them instructions that stay connected to the project the entire time. No more wait, which window was it?”

How it Works

We’ve got a bunch of different tools for you to use. There’s free drawing, shapes, lines, measurements, arrows, and text all at your fingertips.


Selecting the squiggle allows you to freely draw shapes, circle areas that need attention, or even write directly on the photo.


Circles, squares, and rectangles… oh my! We’ve made it super easy to draw attention to specific areas with our shapes tool.


Using our lines tool is a great way to add measurements directly to any photo. Just drop and drag the line where you’re measuring and then click the T” to annotate. If you switch over to ft. in.” you can add in a measurement that stays connected to that line. No more losing measurements or mixing things up.


Arrows are another great way to call out specific areas of the job site that need attention. Instead of leaving overly complicated instructions, just drag and drop an arrow and add some text. Now there’s no excuse for missing something.


Outside of annotating shapes, lines, and arrows, you can add plain text directly to any photo. Leave notes for the guy working on the project right on the photo and you can be sure he knows what to do.

We wanted to make it as straightforward as possible to communicate with your guys on the job site from wherever you are. Having context for every conversation makes jobs go faster and smoother, and keeps your team in constant communication.

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