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It’s a No-Brainer” – A Conversation with Restoration Referral System

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Matt Danskin has been in the construction business since he was a little kid.” Over time, he has become a master of the ins and outs of the industry: what works & what doesn’t. In fact, competitors began approaching Matt, saying, what makes you so effective and efficient?”

In 2019, as Matt transitioned into a new market, he took up the opportunity to open up and share” with competitors what exactly he was doing. And it was here that his company, Restoration Referral System, started.

Friends Since Day One

Matt officially launched the Restoration Referral System in November 2019. Located comfortably in his house in Tennessee, Restoration Referral System is a program designed to help businesses create trustworthy relationships with insurance agencies in return for more job leads. 

Restoration Referral System training is all online (handy during the current times, don’t you think?). And since the start, CompanyCam has always been a part of their established processes. 

He claims that CompanyCam is one of the main reasons they are so effective in getting referrals from insurance agents.”

Matt learned about CompanyCam from the infamous Michael Gogan. Gogan spent years hounding” Matt about this software.”

Initially, Matt thought, Ahh. It is just an extra bill. An extra thing to pay for every month.” But two years later, Gogan mentioned the CompanyCam price to him. And Matt said, Oh! What are we even talking about?!” 

Soon afterward, Matt was a genuine supporter & advocate for the app.

A No-brainer”

Starting CompanyCam is free. No catches, no secrets, no sneaking your info so you’re trapped. Knowing that the app is free, Matt said starting with CompanyCam was​“a no-brainer!” 

He likes that signing up is free and no credit card information is required. Matt says,​“that’s unusual with free trials. Usually, they try and trick you into getting your information.”

CompanyCam doesn’t keep your photos hostage either. Even if you take photos on the app and end up not liking CompanyCam — you still have full access to all those photos.

According to Matt, when you aren’t using CompanyCam, your photo tools are limited.” CRMs, the photo quality, storage space, sharing abilities — your phone can only do so much without CompanyCam! 

There are a million different features that other apps don’t have ALL of.” Getting used to the CompanyCam format and features is really quick” too. If you can use a phone camera, you can use CompanyCam.

Sharing the Love

With his first client, Matt used CompanyCam on their process. His client turned out to be an insurance business. After their project was completed, the insurance agency began to refer their friends to Restoration Referral System because of how effectively Matt utilized CompanyCam on their project.

Matt says he loves CompanyCam because​“it is SO easy to take a LOT of photos!” During one of his projects, Matt took a total of 6,000 photos. For ONE project! This would not have been possible if he was simply storing them on his phone and uploading them separately. 

CompanyCam replaces many different apps. It has a camera, editor, annotating, & sharing abilities. And it doesn’t just do all those functions,​“it does them better.” 

Matt’s favorite feature of CompanyCam is the share project timelines. He uses it every single day! It helps provide him with the transparency he needs to create with his clients. It ultimately helps him get more business.

To end, we asked Matt to finish the sentence: CompanyCam is [blank]. His answer:

CompanyCam is the app every contractor needs!” Dang — he knows us well.

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After spending years and countless hours and meetings with insurance agents, Matt Danskin began sharing the process he uses to consistently develop productive relationships with insurance agents. 

Through Restoration Referral System, you’ll learn every step of the highly effective process from: how to select the best agents to pursue, get an appointment at their office with their attention, demonstrate your quality in a way that presents your company as the only viable option for their future referrals, & streamline the agent’s workflow so that they send 100% of their business to your company exclusively.

Learn more at their website.

As the Brand Strategist at CompanyCam, Micki builds compelling narratives about those in the trades, researches brand positioning opportunities, strategizes effective distribution of content materials, interviews customers, and meets all the cool influencers at trade shows. After work, Micki can be found watching FIFA highlights, analyzing drama from The Bachelor, trying out new recipes, and lecturing her incorrigible cat, Tommy. It’s the little things.

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