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Top 5 Best Invoic­ing Apps

Every once in a while we like to take a few min­utes to intro­duce you to ways to make your job eas­i­er by using clever soft­ware solu­tions. Your phone or tablet can be just anoth­er thing to lug around that you use sole­ly for tex­ting or it can be one of the most pow­er­ful tools in your pock­et — an all-in-one solu­tion that can per­form mul­ti­ple tasks with ease and efficiency.

We’ve cov­ered a few dif­fer­ent areas on our blog through­out 2017. We want­ed to get the ball rolling and look at some great apps for cre­at­ing and deliv­er­ing invoic­es to your cus­tomers in 2018. Let’s go.

Quick­Books Accounting



If you are going to start any­where, you might as well start with the grand­dad­dy of them all: Quick­Books. If you own a small busi­ness, you prob­a­bly use this suck­er already, there’s a rea­son it’s as com­mon as nail salons in a strip mall — it just works.

We are going to talk only about the invoic­ing fea­tures in the Quick­Books Account­ing app. Of course, if you use Quick­Books you know that it inte­grates seam­less­ly with Tur­b­o­Tax and Mint, and if you are already using Quick­Books but not using their invoic­ing fea­ture, you’re miss­ing out.

The cre­ation of new invoic­es couldn’t be any more sim­ple. After set­ting up your own account with your busi­ness name and details, the cre­ation of an invoice is as sim­ple as plug­ging in your customer’s infor­ma­tion and then cre­at­ing line items. Quick­Books makes the whole process easy by includ­ing stan­dard line item cat­e­gories spe­cif­ic to your type of work. For exam­ple, I said that Ryan’s Get­ter-Done-Boyz was a con­struc­tion com­pa­ny (we can get any­thing done) and so Quick­Books auto­mat­i­cal­ly includes prod­ucts and ser­vices that are com­mon in the sec­tor: instal­la­tion, labor, mate­r­i­al, ser­vice, etc. If they don’t have the prod­uct and ser­vice you want, you can add your own sim­ply by click­ing the (+) sign in the app. I had to add the ser­vice Tak­ing Care of Busi­ness” so that I could include that as a line item for my cus­tomers. Once this is done, the invoice can be saved and then sent imme­di­ate­ly to your cus­tomer. I sent Joe Schmoe his $500 bill for all the tak­ing care of busi­ness I did for him last week.

Once your cus­tomer pays you, track­ing the remain­ing bal­ance (if there is one) is easy as well. The invoic­es cre­at­ed via Quick­Books can be cus­tomized for your com­pa­ny and they are clean and pro­fes­sion­al. Sim­ply put, Quick­Books makes invoice cre­ation a snap. 


Quick­Books comes with a 30-day free tri­al and after that, they charge a month­ly fee. Pay­ing for mul­ti­ple months at a time can help you save mon­ey and occa­sion­al­ly you can find pro­mo­tion­al prices to help with the month­ly cost. Quick­Books Account­ing can be found in both Google and Apple’s app store and down­loaded for free.


Web­site — iOS App — Android App




Fresh­Books is anoth­er leader in the invoice app mar­ket. They cer­tain­ly do more than just invoic­ing, they boast their prod­uct as a great all-around finan­cial tool to add to your arse­nal, but in terms of go-to prod­ucts when it comes to easy invoic­ing, Fresh­Books ranks right up there. In giv­ing the app a test dri­ve, it proved to be straight­for­ward and offered a few lit­tle good­ies that could set it apart from the others. 

Once again, the Get­ter-Done-Boyz were hard at work get­ting stuff done — it’s what we do best — and it came time to bill our cus­tomer. Time spent from down­load­ing the app to send­ing an invoice was about five min­utes — incred­i­bly sim­ple. Not only that, Fresh­Books makes it quite clear dur­ing the process where I can set required deposit amounts (either as a dol­lar amount or as a per­cent­age of the total) as well as pay­ment options (for­mat­ted the same way as the deposit). While oth­er apps offer this time of cus­tomized option, I found that Fresh­Books brought the most clar­i­ty to the process — the option was vir­tu­al­ly unavoidable.

Over­all, the look and feel of the app is great — there’s very lit­tle clut­ter or unnec­es­sary junk that you have to maneu­ver around. The cus­tomiza­tion of your invoic­es is a bit more com­pli­cat­ed than it is with oth­er apps but that isn’t to say it can­not be done — it will just require a bit more work on your end where­as oth­er apps allow you to quick­ly scroll through options and choose the one that is best for you.

The down­side of Fresh­Books will undoubt­ed­ly be its cost — it isn’t free and it’s not nec­es­sar­i­ly cheap. How­ev­er, our expe­ri­ence and the out­stand­ing reviews online would sug­gest that Fresh­Books is worth the cost and will save you quite a bit of time and help auto­mate your billing process. 


As men­tioned, Fresh­Books is only free for a 30 day tri­al peri­od. Once this peri­od ends you will have to choose from three dif­fer­ent month­ly plans rang­ing in cost from $14.99 for use with five clients to $49.99 for use with five hun­dred clients. We sug­gest check­ing it out for the tri­al and see­ing if its val­ue makes sense for you. Fresh­Books can be down­loaded in the Apple and Android App Stores. 


Web­site — iOS App — Android App

Zoho Invoice & Time Tracking



We like things that look nice. We don’t always deserve them, but we like them. As attrac­tive as Quick­Books and Fresh­books are to use, Zoho has cre­at­ed an app that gives them both a run for their mon­ey — it is both easy to use and well-designed.

Zoho has appar­ent­ly decid­ed that its users would rather have mul­ti­ple apps that offer spe­cif­ic capa­bil­i­ties rather than one app that does every­thing. I, for one, appre­ci­ate this approach. Instead of hav­ing to nav­i­gate through mul­ti­ple menus with­in an app, I can sim­ply turn to Zoho’s Invoice & Time Track­ing app when that is what I want to do. Besides this, what sets Zoho apart for me is their design sen­si­bil­i­ty — both the app inter­face and the tem­plate options for your cus­tomiz­able invoic­es are sharp look­ing with a cre­ative yet pro­fes­sion­al feel. 

In terms of usabil­i­ty, the app is pret­ty slick and straight­for­ward. Just like Quick­Books, cre­at­ing an invoice is a sim­ple process that mere­ly requires you to fill in the nec­es­sary infor­ma­tion. Item­iza­tion isn’t quite as seam­less as Quick­Books — pre­set cat­e­gories aren’t present here — but it’s sim­ple enough: just fill in the work that has been done. 

Just like Quick­Books, you can email the invoice direct­ly to your cus­tomer but, and this is a plus, unlike Quick­Books you have the capa­bil­i­ty to export to the invoice to a PDF and print it straight from your mobile device — an ele­ment of the app that will cer­tain­ly be appre­ci­at­ed by both you and your cus­tomer — after all, we always seem to run out of ink at the worst times, right? 

Bot­tom line: Zoho is beau­ti­ful in its sim­plic­i­ty. It gets the job done with lit­tle to dis­tract you or com­pli­cate the process. 


Zoho Invoice & Time Track­ing is a free app in both the Google Play and Apple’s App Store. Using it with no more than five cus­tomers is free but to use it with a larg­er cus­tomer base will cost any­where from $9/​month for 50 cus­tomers to $29/​month for unlim­it­ed customers. 


Web­site — iOS App — Android App

Invoice Mak­er by Billldu



One of the clear lead­ers in the invoic­ing app world is Bill­du. Their web­site boasts that they have over 50,000 sub­scribers and, to be hon­est, I can see why. When fid­dling around with their iPad app, cre­at­ing invoic­es for the often imi­tat­ed but nev­er repeat­ed Get­ter-Done-Boyz, I found their prod­uct to be about as clean and clear as they come. There’s a rea­son they are near the top of the moun­tain — they’re that good. 

We’re only three apps into our invoic­ing app dive and you real­ize pret­ty quick­ly that it is the lit­tle things that set one app apart from the oth­ers. Some­times these dif­fer­ences are big and obvi­ous — the app crash­es or isn’t very user-friend­ly — oth­er times the dif­fer­ences are sub­tle — the design makes sense, the app is ridicu­lous­ly adapt­able across dif­fer­ent fields, etc. Invoice Mak­er sets itself apart in the small things: its invoice tem­plates are attrac­tive, it is high­ly cus­tomiz­able, and an added bonus is it offers users the abil­i­ty to know exact­ly when a cus­tomer views the invoice — thus allow­ing you to call their bluff when they say they didn’t receive it! (Not real­ly, right?)

A quick test of the app proved its val­ue — in about three min­utes I opened the app, inputted the Get­ter-Done-Boyz infor­ma­tion, charged my client, Neil Dia­mond, $1000 for one unit of Tak­ing Care of Busi­ness, and I was done. The invoice was prepped and could be sent off via email to Neil in all his sequined glory. 

All of this comes in an attrac­tive app that also allows you to track oth­er basics for your busi­ness — expens­es, out­stand­ing account payable, client lists, and more. All of this and more is why Bill­du is one of the lead­ers in the field and why it boasts such incred­i­ble reviews from its users.


Invoice Mak­er from Bill­du is free to down­load. After a free tri­al you will need to pay a month­ly sub­scrip­tion fee rang­ing from $1.25/month for one user and 24 clients to $11.66/month for ten dif­fer­ent users and the free­dom to cre­ate an unlim­it­ed num­ber of invoices. 


Web­site — iOS App — Android App




It’s free. Need I say more? Ok, I’ll say a bit more. 

Invoice­ly has a busi­ness mod­el that is a bit dif­fer­ent than the rest, they aren’t try­ing to make mon­ey via the invoic­ing side of things, they are aim­ing to make it through oth­er add-ons that will ben­e­fit your busi­ness. BUT, the great thing about this for you is that IF you just want to use their web-based app to roll out your invoic­es, it won’t cost you a thing and you’ll get a high­ly cus­tomiz­able, slick-look­ing, and easy to use invoic­ing app that will give you what you want. Best part: with Invoice­ly you can send an unlim­it­ed num­ber of invoic­es to your cus­tomers with­out pay­ing a dime.

In terms of the nuts and bolts, when run­ning a few exam­ples for the Get­ter-Done-Boyz, we found that billing Ken­ny Rogers $1000 for the Tak­ing Care of Busi­ness that we did for him was a snap. From sign­ing up for the ser­vice to fill­ing out Kenny’s info and ship­ping his invoice off to him via email (with the PDF attached), I was only out about eight min­utes — all in. Once you are set up, of course, the process is much quick­er and if you have recur­ring cus­tomers, Invoice­ly will save all their infor­ma­tion to make the next invoice that much easier. 

The invoice options from Invoice­ly are not plen­ti­ful, but the options they offer are attrac­tive and pro­fes­sion­al so no wor­ries there. On the basic free play they are some­what cus­tomiz­able but if you want to get real crazy with cus­tomiza­tion you will need to pay. 

I men­tioned before that Invoice­ly is not an app pur­chased in an app store but is a web-based app. This means that Invoice­ly assigns you a cus­tom URL — your​busi​ness​.invoice​ly​.com — and you can access your infor­ma­tion from any plat­form. Cre­at­ing an app icon on your home screen is as sim­ple as sav­ing the web­page to your desk­top on your mobile. Once you do this, the Invoice­ly icon will appear on your home screen just like all of your oth­er apps and you won’t know the dif­fer­ence from this point forward. 


As men­tioned ear­li­er, Invoice­ly is free when you only use their basic invoic­ing ser­vice. To cus­tomize, add users, and more beyond invoice cre­ation and dis­tri­b­u­tion, you will have to pay for a month­ly sub­scrip­tion. How­ev­er, if you sim­ply want to use it as your go-to for invoic­ing, it is free. Just be sure to SKIP” the page that has you choose a plan so that you can make use of the free offerings. 




So what does this all mean? It means that there is a great sup­ply of invoic­ing apps to help you make some of your back-office pro­cess­ing that much eas­i­er. In the five apps we reviewed, we found that each had a few fea­tures that set it apart from the oth­ers. The result is that there real­ly is some­thing for every­one — when does that hap­pen?!? Here’s the bot­tom line: there is a ready sup­ply of great apps that will make this part of your job eas­i­er. Get back to doing what you love — sell­ing cus­tomers and deliv­er­ing great results. 

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