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How To Save Money Without Sacrificing Quality – A Conversation with Wegner Roofing and Construction

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Wegner Roofing and Construction uses CompanyCam to save time, save money, protect themselves from false claims, and keep all employees updated and on the same page. Riley Wegner loves CompanyCam — so much so, he’d even recommend CompanyCam to a wall!”

Riley Wegner started working in the roofing industry many years ago, and a lot has changed since then. According to Riley, There’s a lot of competition.” Evaluating your competitors and mastering your own practice are the keys to making it through. With the roofing and construction industries growing rapidly, figuring out the right tools to use is important, too. 

CompanyCam is one of the resources Wegner Roofing and Construction can no longer live without.

Keeping It All Organized

Before CompanyCam, Wegner Roofing used a CRM program, but it didn’t have a good photo and video documentation area.” For every job, they’re taking photos before, during, and after.” They need to provide documentation for any and all projects. Each project typically ends up having 350 – 400 pictures.” 

Without an intense system in place, keeping those photos and projects organized got complicated and messy real quick. This is where CompanyCam comes in!

Riley shared that CompanyCam saves us time and money by having our field guys and subcontractors take photos before, during, and after work being completed!” 

Riley used to have a lot of work pictures on his phone. Now that he’s in the office, if someone is doing an inspection, he can assist them through CompanyCam. He opens CompanyCam on his desktop or app and can look at the issues in real-time. 

For example, subcontractors do window jobs for them. If they have a question that they can take a picture of, [Riley] can now answer it in the office without having to leave. That alone pays for CoCam that month.” Riley no longer has to leave the office to answer one little question,” saving a lot of time and a lot of money.

“CompanyCam helps in all aspects of our business to be one of the next players.” - Riley Wegner

Saving Hours and Hours”

CompanyCam is a time-saver, too. Riley’s contractors used to go out and spec the job. Riley would then need to go to the job site separately afterward. But now that all Wegner employees use CompanyCam, the system is efficient and straightforward. CompanyCam saves Wegner Roofing and Construction hours and hours per job, for sure.”

It’s also been extremely useful for supplementing with insurance carriers on behalf of our clients.” And on multiple occasions, CC pics from our initial inspection have protected us against being accused of damages to concrete driveways during deliveries, cracks on concrete steps, and damage to other items that were present before we started work.” Win, win.

Everyone on the Same Page

It was simple to implement with our guys. They’re taking photos anyway!” Riley’s team loves CompanyCam. One of the biggest perks: photos are not saved on their phones. So if they have an inspection that day, they’re not going to have 500 new work photos on their phone!”

The ease of editing photos is another great feature of the app. It’s helpful for working with insurance companies and documenting projects.” There are a lot of older homes where Wegner Roofing and Construction is based, so it’s ideal to pull up a photograph, annotate it, and tag their sales consultants.

Tags are useful for improving crew communication, too. The real-time uploads and reporting means we’re talking as a company no matter what we’re doing on the job site.” Everyone is updated and on the same page.

CompanyCam has been saving us money.” - Riley Wegner

We started implementing CompanyCam into our sales process, and now it’s basically integrated into all of our processes from sale to inspections, to project management and then our content manager. Our media guy uses pictures from that to create before and afters [for company marketing].”

Wall, Meet CompanyCam

Adding new projects to your account is super easy.” Wegner Roofing and Construction started using CompanyCam in early 2020. They have already created over 1,200 projects in the app, with 72,000+ stored photos across 35 zip codes! 

Riley encourages his employees to take lots of photos– after all, CompanyCam provides unlimited storage! As the saying goes, the more the merrier.

Wegner Roofing and Construction utilizes CompanyCam on the daily. Riley said he’d recommend it to everybody.” He went as far to say: In fact, I’d recommend CompanyCam to a wall.” That’s what we’re talkin’ about!

CompanyCam is a great way to stay organized and document everything along the way.” Thinking about your current photo documentation system and wondering if there’s a better way? Try CompanyCam today! No card required for sign-up. 

Sign up today: https://​app​.com​pa​ny​cam​.com/​s​ignup

Thank you, Riley and Wegner Roofing and Construction for your insights! Riley Wegner is a project manager at Wegner Roofing and Construction. Wegner Roofing is known for its efficient and smooth customer experience. It’s a family-owned and operated company, with the core values of integrity, honesty, and trust. Wegner Roofing and Construction’s goal is to educate, partner, and advocate for their clients while providing unparalleled quality and workmanship. Check out their website at: https://​weg​n​erroof​ing​.com

As the Brand Strategist at CompanyCam, Micki builds compelling narratives about those in the trades, researches brand positioning opportunities, strategizes effective distribution of content materials, interviews customers, and meets all the cool influencers at trade shows. After work, Micki can be found watching FIFA highlights, analyzing drama from The Bachelor, trying out new recipes, and lecturing her incorrigible cat, Tommy. It’s the little things.

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