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Water Cooler Tips: How to Add a New User

Adding your crews and field guys to CompanyCam is the whole point! We know dipping your toes into new software can be overwhelming, but adding users is pretty simple and it’ll make CompanyCam way more valuable to you.

CompanyCam does more for you when you’ve got all your workers in on it. Adding crews and subcontractors allows you to see everything going on from anywhere and keeps you in the loop at every job.

How It works

You’re gonna need your computer for this one. Once you’re logged into the web app, up in the top navigation bar there is a page labeled Users,” click that.

In that page, there is a button that says create new user,” click that.

A little window will pop up and you’ll need to fill in your new user’s name, email address, phone number, and create a password for them (they can change that later).

In that window you’ll also need to select their permissions. This is pretty important. You can create users under 4 different permissions: admin, full access worker, limited access worker, and subcontractor.

Let’s break down what each of those mean.

Admin: Admins can add other users, delete projects, and delete photos. Admins are the only users who can delete anything, so be careful who you add or your stuff might disappear.

Full Access Worker: We recommend adding your full time employees as full access users. Under these permissions they can do everything an admin can except delete photos, projects, and users. Full access workers can take photos, create projects, and share timelines and galleries.

Limited Access Worker: Limited access workers can take photos and create projects, but they can’t share any photos, galleries, or timelines.

Subcontractor: Subcontractors can only see the photos they take on their own project sites. They don’t have access to any other photos or projects, but you still get all their pictures from the job site.

And there you have it! Adding users is quick and easy, just make sure you’re giving each user the correct permissions!

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