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Here’s Looking at You, 2019


We’ve got some big things in store. Here are some of our most requested features we’re currently working on:

Android AR
The highly anticipated arrival of augmented reality for Android.
In addition to providing measurement estimates, you can virtually place objects in a space. For example, window installers can show customers what different window styles and frames would look like, or landscapers can virtually places flowers and trees in a yard. Whatever the case may be, you can test out those aesthetics before committing to the whole project. 

Photo documentation isn’t enough, eh?

You’ll be able to record and save videos on the app in 2019. The use case scenarios for this are endless: sending motivational speeches for your crews, capturing pranks you pull on one another, etc etc… In all seriousness, if there’s a mechanical system or something similar that a photo just doesn’t capture the moving parts, video will come clutch.

New User Interface

New year, new us.
You’ll have to wait to see all the changes we have in store for our new look. But let’s just say, we think you’re in for a real treat. A new version of the Web UI rolled out last week with some changes to the project feed and organization, so that should whet your appetite for the mobile app changes.


CompanyCam for every corner of the globe.
We will release a Spanish translation of the app this year, laying the groundwork to expand to other languages in the future. Communicating with crews should be easy for everyone — regardless of the language you’re most comfortable with.

Stephanie is a former CompanyCamper, who fulfilled the role of Marketing Project Manager.

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