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Gold Medals, Apocalypse Survival, & Being the Teacher’s Pet

The summer is quickly coming to a close. Thanks to COVID-19 & social distancing, it hasn’t felt much like the summer to me — anyone else?! As we approach the new school year, the CoCamFam has been pulling out old high school photos and reminiscing on the good ole days.” It has led us here: remaking the yearbook, CompanyCam edition.

Employees took a survey and voted coworkers for the Who Is Most Likely To…” awards. Follow along and find out WHO won WHAT, along with quotes from the winners & voters.

Graphics made by Ashley Wanser
Most Likely to Overthrow the Government: Luke Hansen
  • It’s literally all he talks about.”

Runner up: nobody lol

Most Likely the Teacher’s Pet: Levi Nelson
  • Simply put, Levi follows all the rules.”

Runner up: Dawnta Morrison

Most Likely to Save the Planet: Courtney Ruud
  • Have you seen her recycling bins in her office at work?” 

Runner up: Zoe Vallas

Most Likely to Win the Lottery: Michael Gogan
  • Gogan should win because we buy scratchers every time he gets a fountain drink at the gas station.”

Runner up: Brian Deighton

Most Likely to Paint a Masterpiece: Jennifer Woockman
  • Quietly makes the most dope illustrations of all time.”

Runner up: Jason McKelvey

Most Likely to Cheat in a Game: Brian Deighton
  • Brian is super competitive — the most competitive person I know — he’ll do what he needs to do to win a game! ;)”

Runner up: Kelly Danahy

Most Likely to Survive the Apocalypse: Kevin Scully
  • Something about Kevin’s demeanor just screams good in a disaster,” I can’t put my finger on it — might be the beard — but he seems like he’d be calm in a crisis.”

Runner up: Chad Wilken

Most Likely to be Living a Double Life: Tullen Mabbutt
  • He’s exploiting his boy face to make people believe he’s not capable of running his underground embezzling ring.”

Runner up: Jeff Valder

Most Likely To Be A Reality Show Superstar: Lauren Conger
  • She is not afraid to be the center of attention and has a laughable, fun, easy personality!”

Runner up: Luke Hansen

Most Likely To Win an Olympic Gold Medal: Tyler DeBoer
  • Debo is literally good at everything. So, naturally, he would win Olympic gold. Probably at basketball, but for sure at Trivia, if that was a thing.”

Runner up: Shane Penner

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