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CompanyCam’s Franchise Awards Program: Celebrating Excellence in Q2 2024

Companycams franchise awards program celebrating excellence in q1 2024 header

CompanyCam is thrilled to announce the launch of our new Franchise Awards Program, designed to recognize our franchise and dealer partners by celebrating their elite franchisees and contractors.

These awards highlight those who have used CompanyCam as an innovative tool to help grow and enhance their business processes. For Q2 2024, we are excited to present three awards: Customer Ally, Jobsite Expert, and CompanyCam Top Franchise Award. Let’s get into it!

Customer Ally Award

Customer Ally Badge

The Customer Ally Award honors franchisees who excel at creating customer satisfaction by using before and after photos, gallery links, and adding customer information to projects. These franchisees go above and beyond to ensure their clients have a seamless and transparent experience from beginning to end.


Jobsite Expert Award

Jobsite Expert Badge

The Jobsite Expert Award goes to franchisees and contractors who have demonstrated a high level of productivity and diligence. These winners created the most projects, took the most photos, and utilized the most checklists, showcasing their dedication to thorough documentation and project management.


CompanyCam Top Franchise Award

Top Franchise Badge

The CompanyCam Top Franchise Award is the highest honor and is awarded to the franchisees and contractors who excel across all criteria, combining the attributes of both Customer Ally and Jobsite Expert. These recipients have taken the most photos, created and shared the most photo galleries, and used the most checklists, epitomizing the best-in-class performance.


Congratulations to all of this quarter’s winners! We look forward to seeing you proudly promote your achievements and continue setting benchmarks for excellence. Your efforts are the driving force behind our collective success.

For those aiming for recognition in the next quarter, now is the perfect time to ramp up your efforts! Ensure you actively use CompanyCam’s features to document your projects thoroughly and effectively engage with your customers.

Claire is CompanyCam’s in-house home services franchise expert, helping franchisors and franchisees develop the right tech and processes to level up their business.

When she’s not presenting on the importance of job site documentation or pitching the app at a trade show, Claire is drinking in the California sun — hiking, camping, and snapping photos.

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