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CompanyCam Customer Advisory Board — Class of 2021


At CompanyCam, we greatly value feedback from our users. This past year we selected passionate CompanyCam users to hear their thoughts and gain their insights.

We’ve always done what we can to listen to our users. But this year we decided to take it to a new level by establishing a Customer Advisory Board. We selected a group of passionate customers to help play a part in shaping the future of CompanyCam. 

Our core focus is to create simple-to-use, visual-first communication and accountability tools that help contractors get work done every day, and who better to help us accomplish that than our customers?

Appreciating the value of truth and transparency, we wanted to create an opportunity for our users to share feedback and explore strategies to help us grow. 

A few of the board’s main objectives are to discuss opportunities for expansion, unpack users’ needs across different industries, flesh out users’ challenges and find solutions, and give users a voice.

Every suggestion we mentioned in the board meetings, the CompanyCam development team would take it and run with it. - Jonathon Broce, Ugly Roofing

Ranging from owners in the roofing industry to influencers in the restoration industry, this group of individuals brought our team some of the best stories, ideas, insights, and feedback. We heard it all—the good, the bad, the ugly. 

I remember when I first started using CompanyCam, I thought, Oh, I wish I could do this or I wish you could do that,’” said Ben Fisher with the Big Fish Roofing Company. But now that I’m on the CAB, I feel like we’re going to see most of these wishes come true!” 

Don’t let your dreams be dreams, Ben!

One of the things I’ve enjoyed about being on the advisory board is learning not just about CompanyCam, but I’m getting to talk to other CompanyCam users about how they use it,” said Stacie Feller with Kanga Roof.

Networking and connecting with other users is also a major perk of being a member on the board. Where else would you be able to hear first-person insight from other industry leaders and business owners?

It’s fun to give the feedback on the beta testing features and see it change and evolve. - Jonathon Broce, Ugly Roofing

Getting feedback from a lot of different people is great — that’s what I love about the advisory board,” David Silverstein with American Home Contractors said.

Jason Miller, with Tru Colors Contracting, thinks the connection between users and CompanyCam is one for the ages.

It’s absolutely incredible how we’re able to just sit down, talk things out, while they bounce ideas off to us,” said Jason. I enjoy speaking with others on the board.”

As testers for the beta releases of our new features, board members get a sneak peek into CompanyCam secrets, too.

It’s so nice because we hear what CompanyCam is working on, and see what they’re working on, and then us board members are ahead of the game when things are released,” said Paul Trautmann with Timberland Exteriors.

It’s been really good to see some of the early stages of new features coming out,” said Stacie Feller. They send us stuff to look at; they get our feedback on that.” 

We love hearing this feedback — after all, the CompanyCam app was made for them!

Does the Customer Advisory Board sound like something you’d be interested in? Apply here for the CompanyCam Customer Advisory Board 2021 – 22.

Meet our advisory board members below!

Logo for Paul Trautmann

Paul Trautmann

Meet Paul Trautmann with Timberland Exteriors! He's a big fan of CompanyCam's integration with OneClickContractor and HOVER. He tells other contractors about CompanyCam saying, "Look at how much time and data you can save and how easy it is to share information." #facts
Logo for David Silverstein

David Silverstein

Meet David Silverstein with American Home Contractors, Inc.! He ties employee CompanyCam usage to their pay—way to get creative, David! He's also an active reader of our blog and newsletters.
Logo for Ben Fisher

Ben Fisher

Meet Ben Fisher with The Big Fish Contracting Company! His company uses CompanyCam daily saying, "it didn't happened if it's not in CompanyCam." Better get documenting!
Logo for Jonathon Broce

Jonathon Broce

Meet Jonathon Broce with Ugly Roof and MHI Roofing! Jonathon loves all the CompanyCam integrations, particularly the integrations with JobNimbus and GAF Project. Jonathon says, "you need to have CompanyCam to run your business properly." Preach it, Jon!
Logo for Stacie Feller

Stacie Feller

Meet Stacie Feller with Kanga Roof! Prior to the roofing business, she worked at an insurance company on the corporate side—she's seen few things! Her favorite CompanyCam feature is the annotations and markup tool.
Logo for Jason Miller

Jason Miller

Meet Jason Miller with Tru Colors Contracting! He has been using CompanyCam for years, a real OG as we say. He likes that CompanyCam because it saves him "a tremendous amount of driving time"—everything is in the app, so why drive across town for no reason?
Logo for Matt Danskin

Matt Danskin

Meet Matt Danskin with Restoration Referral System! Matt claims that CompanyCam has helped his business "getting referrals from insurance agents." Never hurts to have good relationships with your insurance agents, right?
Logo for Jeremy Gilstrap

Jeremy Gilstrap

Meet Jeremy Gilstrap with Dreamworks Restoration Contractors! Jeremy once shared with us—during a webinar titled "Documenting Jobs Like Crime Scenes"—that he documents jobs at the beginning, middle, and end. Way to be thorough, Jeremy!
Logo for John Dye

John Dye

Meet John Dye with American Contractor! John is known for his stellar communication skills. CompanyCam has had John on The Contractors Playbook—CoCam podcast—and Taco Bout It. CompanyCam has helped John take is business to the next level.
Logo for Jonathan Mussari

Jonathan Mussari

Meet Jonathan Mussari with Artistic Tree and Landscape Creations! Jonathan uses the CompanyCam annotations, comments, reports, Before and After filter, galleries, and timeline features—what an overachiever! "CompanyCam saved us thousands of dollars in disputes!"
Logo for Paul Reed

Paul Reed

Meet Paul Reed with Northwest Roofing! Being owner and president of a roofing business, Paul Reed had to greatly adapt during the pandemic. CompanyCam assisted Paul while he positioned his company for long-term success throughout the pandemic.
Logo for Mathew Mulholland

Mathew Mulholland

Meet Mathew Mullholland with Allgood Adjustments! Although you may know him from his killer podcast, Listen to this Bull. Mathew spends a lot of time on the CompanyCam app and likes that contractors can send him claims and he can preemptively verify them. Win, win!
Logo for Jeff Petrucci

Jeff Petrucci

Meet Jeff Petrucci with Bloomfield Construction and Restoration! Back in the day, Jeff was documenting with Polaroids and had to get his filmed developed. You can imagine his joy once he started using CompanyCam!
Logo for Boris Altman

Boris Altman

Meet Boris Altman with Premier Claims! Boris' role at Premier Claims requires a lot of transporting files between his business and other contractors. Lucky for Boris: CompanyCam makes transporting and sharing docs simple and seamless.
Logo for Hunter Ballew

Hunter Ballew

Meet Hunter Ballew with! Like most CompanyCam users, Hunter was blown away by the ease of use of CompanyCam. Forget the constant email stream and cluttered photo folders—CompanyCam makes it easy peasy lemon squeezy.
Logo for Tony Stinger

Tony Stinger

Meet Tony Stinger with Nolan Painting! Tony uses CompanyCam to help do estimates and proposals. He likes CompanyCam and says our app is very "user-friendly." Oh stop Tony—you'll make us blush.

Most of all, CompanyCam listens,” says Jason Miller. So absolutely wonderful to be a part of the Customer Advisory Board because we’re accomplishing so much and we’re really moving forward — I feel we’re helping.”

Our 2020 – 21 Customer Advisory Board really has helped. Thank you.

Apply here to be a member of our Customer Advisory Board — Class of 2022.

As the Brand Strategist at CompanyCam, Micki builds compelling narratives about those in the trades, researches brand positioning opportunities, strategizes effective distribution of content materials, interviews customers, and meets all the cool influencers at trade shows. After work, Micki can be found watching FIFA highlights, analyzing drama from The Bachelor, trying out new recipes, and lecturing her incorrigible cat, Tommy. It’s the little things.

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