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CompanyCam Appdates: Volume 5

Companycam appdates volume 5 header

New integrations, updated features, and hot tips collected in one place for your reading pleasure.

We’ve had a busy Q1 getting CompanyCam ready to help you dominate the busy season:

  • Made in-app communication easier

  • Upgraded Checklists and Documents functionality

  • Launched Signatures, our new e‑signatures add-on

And sent you a ton of emails about that Ford F‑150 that we’re still planning to give away to our top referrer. 🥹

Let’s get into it.

New & Noteworthy Integrations

Our integrations team and software partners are making their way through the growing list of integration requests. Here are the latest releases.

HubSpot + CompanyCam

We now integrate with HubSpot! If you use HubSpot as your home for marketing, sales, content, and customer service, you’ll want to look into connecting this integration.

Here’s how it works: when a deal or contact is created in HubSpot, a project is automatically created in CompanyCam, and a link to the CompanyCam project will be auto-populated to the HubSpot entry.

Xcelerate + CompanyCam

Xcelerate is a leading job management platform built specifically for the restoration industry with tools that empower resto contractors to operate more efficiently and elevate their performance.

Once connected, the integration sets up CompanyCam and Xcelerate to communicate in real time and keep everyone up to date on job site updates and progress.

Knowify + CompanyCam

Didn’t know if we integrated with Knowify? Now you know.

Knowify’s cloud-based software helps its users gain better control and visibility over their projects, teams, and finances. With the addition of CompanyCam photos via this integration, contractors and their partners will have ultimate control over their projects.

Markate + CompanyCam

A connection between Markate’s mobile-ready CRM and field management software and our visual-first job site communication tools has been requested by users for a while.

The wait is over, just in time for spring.

Interested in another integration? Let our integrations team know, and they’ll look into it.

Checking In on Checklists

When Shakespeare said, A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” he failed to consider CompanyCam changing to-do lists to Checklists.

Since we changed the name, Checklists have become an even sweeter and more functional feature. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Completed tasks can now be hidden. Keep your eye on the prize and your view free from clutter. You can turn this on/​off, depending on your preference.

  • Checklists can be exported as PDF/​Documents. This is very useful if you use this feature for punch lists or insurance supplements. Export them as PDFs and send them for sign-off and approval. And they’ll be added to your project Documents tab.

  • You can easily add reference images. Add reference photos that show your crew what an ideal photo should look like to complete this task correctly.

  • Collaborators can now use Checklists. Collaborators with Pro or Premium accounts can view and complete checklists!

Closing Deals with Walkthrough Mode…

We love when users reach out to us to tell us how they’re using specific features to become more efficient and win more business. One of those business-winning features is Walkthrough Mode.

CompanyCam users supplement their bids with these personalized site walkthroughs that show your client exactly what you’ll work on and how you’ll do it, coming straight from your mouth.

It might seem like a small thing, but that little picture-in-picture with your face builds more trust than a phantom voiceover.

And we made it even easier to find: Instead of being a little icon you had to decipher, WALKTHROUGH is now at the bottom of your screen in all caps.

If you’re on Premium and have an iPhone or iPad, you should try it today! Android users: petition Google to open up their API, and we’ll work to make it happen on our end!

…And Making Them Official with Signatures

In the last volume, our Signatures add-on was in a closed beta. 

Now it’s live!

If you need to collect signatures on things like bids, change orders, or warranties, you should look into adding Signatures. Everyone in your account can access unlimited signatures for a flat rate of $49/​month.

Hot Tip: Turn on Automatic CompanyCam App Updates

With all the tweaks, releases, and fixes we’ve been working on, we don’t want your app to get left in the dust. Make sure you have your app settings set to update automatically:

  • On an iOS device: Go to your phone Settings > App Store > toggle on App Updates!

  • On an Android device: Go to the Google Play store > Profile > Settings Network Preferences > enable auto-update apps.

And if you want to turn on automatic Appdates, don’t unsub from our emails! 🤠

Requests Fulfilled: Restricted Users, Reports, and Groups

Before we wrap this up, we’ll hit on two quick requests many of you have asked for:

Restricted users on your account can now create Reports and use Report Templates. But they still won’t be able to access everything in your account.

We also added @group mentions that will better ensure everyone who needs to see a photo or get up to date on the project conversation will be. 

Pro Tip: Create groups for crews who consistently work together and group by similar job functions for easy communication.

That’s it for this edition of your favorite bi-monthly CompanyCam product-focused newsletter.

If you want to refresh your skills or train new hires before the busy season takes over your schedule, sign up for or watch a pre-recorded class!

And if you have any questions regarding any features, be sure to reach out to your customer success manager to set up a quick call.

Christian is known round these parts as the silent wizard — whipping out editing, researching, and strategizing skills like it’s nobody’s biz. As a Content Strategist, he stays busy assisting our Product and Activation/​Retention teams with all their content needs — all while staying as quiet as possible. (Heaven forbid he’d talk too much.) 

After work, Christian can be found hanging out with his beautiful wife Ruth, playing catch with his dog Sunday, rewatching that one Indian reality TV episode he starred in (#famous), or making dumb vides on his fine. Go on, Christian. Share your work with the class.

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