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Company Highlight: LES

It’s time for another customer highlight! This time we got a chance to hang out with some guys over at Lincoln Electric System (LES) and see just how they use CompanyCam to work smarter. LES does all sorts of electrical work here in Lincoln, NE for both residential and commercial customers and is striving to do so in an environmentally conscious way. These guys rule, so we were pretty excited to hear from them!

We were able to sit down with Andy Winkler, a project inspector with LES, Keaton Koehler, an underground distribution engineer, and Rod Heninger, the manager of contract management. These three guys all work in different areas of LES and interact with CompanyCam in different ways, but one thing remains constant: CompanyCam helps them communicate.

LES started considering an app like CompanyCam because we were having issues with photo storage and documenting project progress,” said Heninger.

CompanyCam to me is instant documentation and a great communication tool,” added Winkler. A picture says a thousand words and when you can show somebody a picture when you’re talking to them, a lot of times we can resolve problems within a short period of time. Instead of days, we can do it in minutes.”

CompanyCam makes my life easier because I’m able to see what’s going on out in the field without having to go on site,” - Keaton Koehler

We can see what they’re seeing in real time,” added Heninger, which makes coming up with solutions much quicker.”

From Koehler’s perspective, CompanyCam gives him the ability to see what’s happening across Lincoln without driving from project to project.

CompanyCam makes my life easier because I’m able to see what’s going on out in the field without having to go on site,” said Koehler. It’s a lot easier to track the progress of a project.”

For Heninger, the timeline feature is the most helpful.


The timeline feature enables us to share a historic view of the project with people that don’t necessarily have access to the CompanyCam app,” said Heninger. It’s allowed us to share photos with people who maybe in the past wouldn’t have seen them.”

For LES, a clear and simple way of documenting project progress and resolving issues quickly was what they were looking for in an app and it’s safe to say CompanyCam delivers.

I would recommend CompanyCam because there are multiple users that can benefit. Being able to share the link to the timeline to anyone in our company is a lot easier than trying to send emails to multiple people in our company,” said Koehler. This is an easy way to share photos throughout the company.”

Without CompanyCam, a lot of communication and documentation gets lost or doesn’t take place,” added Winkler. If you take a picture and it doesn’t get to the right people, if it’s not seen or used it’s worthless.”

We love working with companies like LES who care about their customers, the environmental impact they make, and the community they’re part of. We had an awesome time hanging out with these guys and loved hearing about how they use CompanyCam.

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