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Com­pa­ny High­light: 84 Lumber

A cou­ple months back, when it was still cold and snowy, we had the chance to go vis­it 84 Lum­ber here in Lin­coln and chat about how they use Com­pa­ny­Cam! We’ve been lucky enough to have a long-stand­ing rela­tion­ship with 84 Lum­ber and were stoked when we got to head over and see Com­pa­ny­Cam in action.

We talked with Shawn Berry, a replace­ment win­dows sales­man, and Adam Ket­tel­hake, a sales coor­di­na­tor, here in Lin­coln, NE to get a feel for how 84 Lum­ber uses Com­pa­ny­Cam in their day-to-day operations.

If you’re not famil­iar, 84 Lum­ber is a lum­ber com­pa­ny and dis­trib­u­tor of build­ing prod­ucts that oper­ates nation­wide and inter­acts with con­trac­tors and builders daily.

One of our mis­sions and goals at 84 Lum­ber is to build a part­ner­ship with con­trac­tors,” said Berry. An inte­gral part of that has been Com­pa­ny­Cam, which helps to grow and solve prob­lems on the fly.”

The process 84 Lum­ber was using before Com­pa­ny­Cam was cum­ber­some and inef­fec­tive. Tak­ing pho­tos was a stan­dard that 84 Lum­ber had imple­ment­ed pre­vi­ous­ly, but the way they were doing it just wasn’t cut­ting it any­more. Deliv­er­ies were being cat­a­loged with dig­i­tal cam­eras that then had to be brought back to the main office, pho­tos had to be uploaded to a desk­top at the end of the week, and then organized.

It was a real big pain,” accord­ing to Ket­tel­hake. Since we got Com­pa­ny­Cam, things have been going a lot better.”

I use Com­pa­ny­Cam every day. My favorite fea­ture is being able to type in pret­ty much any word in the search bar and find what I’m look­ing for. It’s real­ly easy to track.” - Adam Kettelhake, 84 Lumber Sales Coordinator

While the process of trans­fer­ring pho­tos and get­ting deliv­er­ies orga­nized and cat­a­loged was instant­ly sim­pli­fied, it took an angry sub­con­trac­tor for Shawn to real­ly see the light.

One wrong address was all it took to start a domi­no effect of missed deliv­er­ies and miss­ing mate­ri­als. Luck­i­ly, Shawn was able to go back in Com­pa­ny­Cam and see that the sub­con­trac­tor had giv­en the incor­rect address and the mate­ri­als had been deliv­ered to a house down the street. Cri­sis averted.

I use Com­pa­ny­Cam every day,” said Ket­tel­hake. My favorite fea­ture is being able to type in pret­ty much any word in the search bar and find what I’m look­ing for. It’s real­ly easy to track.”

My favorite fea­ture of Com­pa­ny­Cam is the job site track­ing,” added Berry. You can pull up an address and see the sev­en or eight dif­fer­ent deliv­er­ies that have been made over the course of a few months. You can track exact­ly when those deliv­er­ies were made and pair them with the invoice and know what’s going on on your job sites.”

The ulti­mate goal of Com­pa­ny­Cam is to make our cus­tomers’ jobs eas­i­er and get them home soon­er. It was awe­some to hear from the guys over at 84 Lum­ber about how they’ve used Com­pa­ny­Cam to get through their day a lit­tle easier.

It real­ly does stream­line a lot of things that used to take a lot of time out of the day to day oper­a­tions,” said Berry. Some­thing that would take five to ten min­utes takes seconds.”

An app like Com­pa­ny­Cam has real­ly helped us,” echoed Ket­tel­hake. “ We have access to those pic­tures imme­di­ate­ly when needed.”

We’re thrilled that Com­pa­ny­Cam is mak­ing con­trac­tors’ lives a lit­tle eas­i­er, and even more excit­ed that peo­ple like the team at 84 Lum­ber are find­ing ways to make Com­pa­ny­Cam work for them!

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