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CompanyCam Class Recap: New & Improved Signatures

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After a much-needed winter break, class is back in session!

Through the end of the year, our team hosts weekly classes on everything from the basic ins and outs of the app to new features and business thought leadership.

To kick off 2024, Sara from our customer success team did a quick run-through of our digital signature add-on—Signatures. Watch the recap below or scroll through for the Cliff’s Notes on everything covered.

Collect Signatures with CompanyCam via Email

After getting the add-on, the first step is to upload or find the doc in the Documents tab.

From there, open the document and click Request Signatures” in the top right corner. Add the names and email addresses of the people you need to see and sign the document. 

Clicking Next opens up the Signatures toolbar, which allows you to click and drag the following:

  • Signature fields—Signature or initials

  • Auto-fill fields—Date, full name, email, company, title

  • Standard fields—Textboxes, checkboxes

Add the fields you want to capture to the lines on your document, then click Next. This opens the email builder you’ll use to send the document to. You can add cc’s, subject lines, and more information to the body of the email. 

Once you select Send for signature, the email and document will land in the inbox of everyone you added or cc’d to the email. Signatures will automatically send reminders to the signees daily until they complete the process.

After other’s signatures are added, the filled and signed document will show up with the label (Signed) in the Documents tab of the project.

Tip: You can adjust the permissions of documents when you upload them. So if you’d only like certain people to be able to see things, like contract terms, you can adjust visibility to restricted so only you see the details.

Sign Documents in the CompanyCam App

In December 2023, we added mobile functionality to Signatures to make it quick and easy to gather electronic signatures from customers, vendors, and project stakeholders while in the field.

To sign a document while using the mobile app:

  1. Navigate to the Documents tab in the Project

  2. Open the document (or upload from your device’s Files)

  3. Tap Fill & Sign

  4. Add Text and Signature fields where needed

  5. Sign using one of the options and Save

Note: Once you Save a signature on a document, you cannot edit it. So make sure the John Hancocks are where you want them to be in the document.

CompanyCam Signatures vs. The Competition

One of the biggest benefits of Signatures over the others is price. Our add-on is just $50 per month for unlimited users and signatures. Other digital signature companies charge per user and per signature, which can lead to an unpredictable monthly bill.

Another benefit is that you’re already uploading and scanning documents into CompanyCam, so there’s no need to download, find, and send to other apps just to get sign-offs.

Signatures really shines when you pair them with Project and Report templates (available in our Premium tier). Templates make it so that new projects automatically populate with the documents you’ll need to be signed, like materials lists, contracts, and change orders.

If you want to give Signatures a go, you can add the add-on to your account in Billing when logged in on the web version of CompanyCam. If you don’t see that option, contact your account manager to discuss updating your permissions.

Did you like this class recap and want to learn more? Be sure to bookmark our classes and webinars pages to see the upcoming schedule and rewatch our past content. 

If you have an idea of a feature or workflow you’d like to see covered in a class, let us know!

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After work, Christian can be found hanging out with his beautiful wife Ruth, playing catch with his dog Sunday, rewatching that one Indian reality TV episode he starred in (#famous), or making dumb vides on his fine. Go on, Christian. Share your work with the class.

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