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Bats, Bitcoin, Badly Throwing Axes

April was an interesting month here at CompanyCam. We celebrated our CEO’s birthday, had our best month ever, and made some friends with the creatures that live in our ceiling. 

Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of the masses like hearing a grown man shout BAT!” from across the office, and we here at CompanyCam are no strangers to fear. Working in a ~historic~ building in the Haymarket district of Lincoln, NE comes with many perks — coffee shops on every corner, great food, and some nice scenery for an afternoon walk. BUT, it also comes with bats. So, so many bats.

The first sighting was jarring for the staff, no doubt, just ask Brian — who tried to swat one out of the sky with a golf club. 

But we’ve since grown accustomed to our nocturnal neighbors paying us the occasional daytime visit. We’re never thrilled to see them, but we offer a warmer welcome now. So when we received the Thursday afternoon BAT” slack, none of us were startled. This is our new normal.

Our April wasn’t only spent dodging rabies-riddled bats, however, it was also spent dodging axes!

Yes. To celebrate Luke’s birthday we went to an ax throwing bar — the latest phenomenon involving alcohol and dangerous objects.

We took off early on Friday, some of us pre-gamed ax throwing (not recommended, but also kinda recommended), and met up to begin the celebration. 

But before any axes were thrown or appendages lost, we presented the Birthday Boy with his gourmet keto-friendly cheesecake. Now, I may be biased seeing as I am both the author and the dessert chef round these parts, but it was a pretty fantastic cheesecake.

The cake was a hit, but unsurprisingly chucking axes at a wall was a little more exciting for all parties involved. The whole crew had maybe a little too much fun wielding axes in close proximity to their coworkers, but we’ll worry about that later.

Overall, April was a pretty stellar month here at CompanyCam — bat encounters included. We’re pretty stoked to be growing and working alongside all y’all and hope your month was as nonsense-filled as ours. 

Now, how will we make May even more ludicrous? Stay tuned. 

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