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2020: The Year of New Features, People, and Partners

Co Cam2020 Horizontal Social

2020. What a wild ride it’s been. As we look back, we can’t help but be grateful for what we’ve accomplished and how far we’ve come. This year was challenging, but it wasn’t all bad.

CompanyCam growth

Being a photo documentation app, it’s no surprise our users took lots of pictures this past year. CompanyCam is now storing 220+ million photos! And we’re closing in on 10 million projects created. It’s hard for us to wrap our heads around that number. 

Our users are getting to work! They have jobs across 136,639 zip codes, have created 508,653 PDF reports, and have captured 134,720 videos in 2020. Check out the video below for all the details.

Product updates

A lot has happened in the world and the CoCam app this year. For us, 2020 was the year of updates. Here’s what we’ve been working on:

  1. A FREE version of CompanyCam.
  2. A huge overhaul of reports including customizable cover pages, the ability to add photos in-line, annotations, an autosave feature while editing, page breaks and photo numbers, faster PDF exports, and reusable text snippets.
  3. VIDEO, VIDEO, VIDEO! You can now capture, upload, download, and share videos. Game. Changer. 
  4. Notifications now display a user’s full history (and they’re more reliable). We also added them to the settings menu on mobile devices.
  5. Additional updates: share options on Documents, user management added in mobile, optimized search functionality, released the Spanish version of the app, and redesigned the project screen and photo gallery layout.

As you can see, our Product team has been busy this year making sure CompanyCam has all the features and functions you need before, during, and after the job.

New partners

We have the best partners here at CompanyCam. And in 2020, we added 13 new ones: NiceJob, Contractor Dynamics, Repairworks, Hatch, Modernize, Leap, YourWebPro, Webrunner, Signpost, North Texas Roofing Contractors Association, Painting Contractor Association, Colorado Roofing Association, and Roofing Contractors Association of Texas.

Our app also now integrates with SumoQuote, One Click Contractor, GAF Project, and Atlas Pro+. Check out our partner network page for all the details.

One of the perks of being a CoCam partner is participating in a webinar. In 2020, our webinar topics ranged from social-distanced selling and leading during a pandemic to navigating the new economy. Here are the two webinars our users liked most:

  1. How to Build a Million Dollar Business feat. Workiz – In this webinar, Michael Gogan was joined by Adi Azaria, CEO of Workiz. They covered six proven strategies to building a million-dollar business. Adi’s experience as a co-founder of Sisense and his success with Workiz give him incredible insight he shared with us.
  2. Digital Door Knocking feat. Contractor Dynamics – During a pandemic, you can’t be out knocking on doors as usual. How can you use the power of Facebook advertising to still reach potential clients and keep your business thriving? Watch this webinar as Michael Gogan, Joseph Hughes from Contractor Dynamics, and Head of Marketing at CompanyCam, Nick Small, walk through some tips and tricks.

Before the pandemic, CompanyCam hosted and took part in several trade shows. Some of our favorites were Highway To Hail (H2H), WinTheStorm (WTS), and of course, the International Roofing Expo (IRE).

The IRE was an ideal event for the roofing and exterior construction industries. The IRE brought professionals together to inform attendees on trending knowledge and view some of the largest selection of products and services. The IRE helps professionals improve their business through education, exhibitions, and networking.” It was a great opportunity to meet with our partners, current customers, and potential customers. The CoCam team was rolling deep with Luke, Levi, Jared, Michael, Jeff, Kyle, and Courtney all in attendance.

Check out our CompanyCam gallery link for more event photos.

Customer Advisory Board

Listening to our users is important. So this year, our Customer Success team established a board of CoCam users to do just that. We care what our users have to say and are eagerly seeking out their feedback. Our core focus for CompanyCam is to create simple-to-use, visual-first communication and accountability tools that help contractors get work done every day. Who better to help us build on that than our customers? The purpose of this group is to allow customers to share feedback and explore strategies to make CompanyCam a better app for our customers. We can’t wait to share more details on this soon.


Man, oh man. The CoCamFam! Nothin’ beats this crew. Since the start of the year, we’ve hired 29 new employees. And we’ve started three new departments: People, Customer Success, and Brand and Services. In 2020, CompanyCam brought in our first Bilingual Customer Success Specialist, as well as promoting new managers to run Customer Support, Backend Engineers, Client Engineers, Customer Success, Creative Direction, Content and Retention, Marketing, and Brand Service.

See ya, old office! Leaving our office is bittersweet. Are we moving to a bigger space that can actually hold all our employees? Yes. But have we become attached to this creaky office? Also yes.


As the company expanded this year, so did our targeted industries. We expanded our horizons this year and found our way into the HVAC, Construction, Restoration, Painting, and Property Management industries.

This year, the Creative team focused on brand unification. Creating a consistent experience across all mediums was the goal. One of the major projects was updating our website. It needed to be refocused. As Caleb Moore (Creative Director) says, instead of just sell, sell, sell,’ the pages are now more tailored to the user’s journey with CompanyCam.” As CompanyCam grows, the website will continually be updated. We are always exploring new ways to engage with our users.

The Creative team also simplified the CompanyCam logo and color palette. Take a look at the difference between our logos and websites:

Deck Pics 1

Reaching millions on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, this video was a real hit. If you haven’t seen it yet… here’s your chance. You’re welcome. CLICK HERE to watch Deck Pics 1.

Deck Pics 2

Deck Pics 1 was such a success, it called for a Deck Pics 2. Rumor has it Deck Pics 2 is more funny than the first – CLICK HERE to watch it.

Brand Video

Our talented videographers created this brand video back in May. Making it crystal clear what CompanyCam is all about.

Instagram Giveaways

2020 was a big year for CompanyCam — we celebrated 5 years in business! And as a big thank you to our customers and followers, we did a giveaway every month on Instagram. Our giveaways included a range of awards from $100 Amazon gift cards, to HandleBend Moscow Mule Mugs, to toilet paper (COVID made us creative). There are still two giveaways left! Check out our instagram page for all the details. 

Thank You For a Successful Year

2020 was a hard year, but I couldn’t be more proud of our team and everything they accomplished. They showed grit and hustle in the face of adversity. They made it happen, even when things got weird. They made 2020 the best year in CompanyCam history!” Luke Hansen, CEO.

As the Brand Strategist at CompanyCam, Micki builds compelling narratives about those in the trades, researches brand positioning opportunities, strategizes effective distribution of content materials, interviews customers, and meets all the cool influencers at trade shows. After work, Micki can be found watching FIFA highlights, analyzing drama from The Bachelor, trying out new recipes, and lecturing her incorrigible cat, Tommy. It’s the little things.

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