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Another Hail of a Year — H2H 2020 Recap


A day of informational panels, Q&As, and hands-on learning, Highway to Hail provided the opportunity for businesses to network with industry leaders and experts across America. During January, February, & March the CoCamFam traveled around America informing, promoting, and interacting with our users. In total, we reached 10 cities in 3 months. A new record, for sure!

Our rockstar representatives, Lauren, Michael, and Courtney, were a constant on this tour. Follow along below as they each share their thoughts on how the Highway to Hail trade shows went. We realize this blog is well overdue!

What was your fondest memory on the road?

L- Getting matching track suits with Courtney and Karaoke in Charlotte with BTA & Roofers Choice Insurance.

M- The time spent with partners is priceless. Being on the road is definitely a grind and the partners really become an extension of the family.

C- Charlotte Karaoke Night!

Describe this year’s Highway to Hail in 3 words.

L- Impactful, Relationship Building

M- Hail Of a Success

C- The Best Yet

Did you hear of any unique ways companies are using CompanyCam?

L- A solar company is using CompanyCam!

M- Some companies are selling with the use of timelines. Others referenced to documenting the losses like crime scenes” — that’s a new fun way to refer to it!

What customer story stood out to you the most?

L- A man and his son at Charlotte H2H had driven down from Pennsylvania. His version of taking before and after photos to send to his clients was to get them printed off and tape them together. If he wanted to point something out specifically, he’d make arrows out of blue painters tape and put them in the mail to show the client all the work they’d done and how their property had improved.

M- Dreamworks had a contractor fall off a roof and they were able to escape a $50,000 lawsuit with their documentation.

C- A current customer, Leo, shared with me how he had previously been taking before and after photos with a digital camera, printing the photos at Walgreens, and then mailing them to the customer. He literally went out to his truck to bring in copies of these photos to show me. He was so excited to learn that he could use CompanyCam to deliver the same results using half the time and energy! Our Before and After templates were consistently a hit. Another highlight was meeting John and Michael from Atlas Roofing & Construction. They are a brand new company and will be implementing many of the different products they discovered at Highway to Hail this year. We’re looking forward to seeing them next year to gain feedback on how these different integrations and strategies have helped them over the last year as a growing business.

How did this Highway to Hail compare to last year’s?

L- It ran much tighter this year. Everyone knew what they were doing. The panels were very good and informative. They brought a lot of value to attendees.

M- The venues were much better. The speakers were great! And the content really flowed.

C- We had consistently better attendance due to starting the roadshow earlier in the year (at the end of Jan). It was nice to knock out 2 events per week.

What was the most challenging part, from start to finish?

L- The Noah’s event spaces closing in the middle of the show. Having to re-book venues and announce venue changes sometimes less than a week before an event. In Dallas the venue ended up being on the other side of the metro which is an hour and a half drive time difference.

M- There are a ton of moving pieces and the 5 closing venues really added to the workload.

C- The most challenging part was having to change locations for a few of our stops- a couple of our venues closed their doors days before we were set to arrive.

After doing Highway to Hail for the second year in a row, do you still see the value of putting on such a long road trip tradeshow?

L- Absolutely. The people that make it out LOVE the event, they tell us how much they got out of it and they get some quality face time with some of the top partners, lawyers, PA’s and vendors in the industry. We helped set-up a lot of businesses with successful plans to save time/​money and run more efficiently by just investing their time to come to this one day, FREE event.

M- Absolutely. The partners love the event and seem to be very pleased with the results that they see.

C- I absolutely see the value and look forward to the new and innovative ideas we will implement for the 2021 roadshow.

Thanks to everyone who came & made it yet another GREAT year! We loved seeing so many of our users — y’all are the best. Can’t wait for next year!

As the Brand Strategist at CompanyCam, Micki builds compelling narratives about those in the trades, researches brand positioning opportunities, strategizes effective distribution of content materials, interviews customers, and meets all the cool influencers at trade shows. After work, Micki can be found watching FIFA highlights, analyzing drama from The Bachelor, trying out new recipes, and lecturing her incorrigible cat, Tommy. It’s the little things.

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