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2022 was out of this world!

This year you saved time, miles, and storage along with thousands of other CompanyCam users.

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Year in

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GB of Photos & Videos Stored

That's 119,000 first-gen iPhones worth of storage saved this year. Now we can finally re-download Fruit Ninja.


Hours Saved

The CoCam paradox: the more you use it, the more time you save.



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Here's where our 2022 voyage took us.


Tier Added

We launched Premium: A star-studded new plan with report templates, logo stickers, video walkthrough mode, and more! Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to put a premium on your business today.


To-Do Lists Created

Do. Or do not. There is no try. Add creating a CompanyCam To-Do List to your to-do list. Your crew will know exactly what needs to be done and you'll see job progress at a glance.


Showcases Made

Space-age marketing technology built with you in mind. Showcases allow you to publish your CompanyCam projects directly to your website, complete with all the details.


Reports Generated

Professional reports filled with project photos and important deets can be sent to your customers at the speed of light with CompanyCam. Create them wherever, customize them however, and your customers will love you forever.


Integrations Launched

That's 23 new ways to beam your CompanyCam photos, videos, and documents to other software you use to run your business. Check out our full list of integrations.


Users became CompanyCam Closers

Now they're earning cash money for referring their friends to CompanyCam. Plus, they're in the running to win a brand-new Ford F-150 in April. Need more deets? Read 'em here.

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