Work Smarter with
To-Do Lists

We didn’t invent to-do lists — but we did invent to-do lists made for contractors.

  • Gain Built-In Communication

    Spend less time figuring out who needs to do what, and more time just getting it done.

  • Create Templates for Important To-Do Lists

    Not your hit list or bucket list — create list templates for the things you do over and over to eliminate repetitive work.

  • Train Your Team Without the Headache

    On-the-job training is simple when you can trust that even the newest employee can see each step they need to complete.

How to Create a CompanyCam To-Do List 

  • Tap into the project you want to make a List for.
  • Tap Make a To-Do List > New To-Do List to create your List.
  • Tap on New To-Do List, title your List, and then tap Create To-Do List to get started.
  • Tap Add Task to add items to your List.
  • Title the task, add optional notes and choose if you want a photo required to complete the Task. Tap Save to save the task.
  • To take photos for the task tap the Camera icon.
  • If you have photos that have already been added to the project you can add them to a task by tapping into the Task > Add Photos > Add Photos from Project. Tap Done in the left corner when all photos are added.
  • Tap Mark Completed when the task is finished or tap the Circle icon next to the list to cross it off.
  • Add Section will add a section to your To-Do List. Tap the Three Dots icon > Add Section > Title the Section > Create New Section.
  • Add Tasks to the new section as needed.

How to Save a To-Do List as a Template

  • Tap the three dot menu icon, then Save To-Do List as Template.
  • Give the Template a name, add a description and then click Save Template.

How to Create a List From a Template

  • Tap New To-Do List, then Use Existing Template.
  • Select from your recently used or created templates, and tap Use to get started. 

See It In Action

See for yourself why to-do lists and templates are the future of project organization.

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