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The camera/​pin mark has been around since our incep­tion. It’s been a suc­cess­ful mark for us, but as we’ve con­tin­ued to grow, so must our iden­ti­ty. We’ve mod­ern­ized and refined a few aspects to make sure its voice and feel are con­sis­tent with how we’ve grown. We’ve also addressed some scal­a­bil­i­ty issues. All in all, the new Com­pa­ny­Cam mark is as robust as it has ever been.

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We con­struct­ed our new mark on a grid, cre­at­ed a sys­tem of rel­a­tive mea­sure­ments, and estab­lished spac­ing guide­lines to ensure max­i­mum con­sis­ten­cy in usage.


How Not To Use Our Logo

Nev­er alter or recre­ate the Com­pa­ny­Cam logo, includ­ing its size, place­ment, and rela­tion­ship to its surroundings.

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