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Zap Inefficiency with CompanyCam + Zapier

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CompanyCam is really into integrating with our customers’ favorite CRMs and software. In fact, we built custom integrations with seven industry-leading apps for contractors in 2021 alone.

While we’d love to create custom integrations with everyone, it’s just not possible. We’ve got other important business to take care of — mainly, filming TikToks and complaining about the office temperature. There’s just not enough time in the day for it all.

Luckily, our talented integrations team came up with a simple solution: Zapier 2.0.

What Is Zapier?

Zapier is a platform that allows you to get two or more web apps talking to one another. It’s kind of like a digital Rube Goldberg machine that makes your business more efficient — i.e., a trigger causes an action or two to take place automatically and looks cool in the process.

Zapier allows you to connect more than 4,000 apps and services through their easy-to-use (and build) zaps. Zaps are the integrations you set up to get to your apps to communicate with one another.

Recently, our integration wizzes released a significant update on the back end of things to make it easier for our users to use zaps. The team beefed up CompanyCam’s Zapier ability in three ways:

The Update

What It Means For You

1. Connect CompanyCam & Zapier in one click with OAuth

CompanyCam and Zapier connect easier, quicker, and more securely.

2. Instant triggers for all actions in CompanyCam

Your CompanyCam and connected apps share populated data and photos in a minute.

3. Trigger an event when a photo is tagged

When you tag a photo in CompanyCam, it will auto-filter into projects in a connected CRM.

How To Set Up Zaps with CompanyCam

To get started, you’ll need to log in or create a Zapier account (Zapier offers both free and paid subscriptions). Then you’ll click Create a Zap and follow the easy, step-by-step instructions.

For example, you can build a zap between CompanyCam and Zoho CRM that creates a new CompanyCam project for every new lead you create in Zoho. Once it’s set up, all of the data in your CoCam project will transfer automatically to Zoho and vice versa.

No more downloading and uploading or copying and pasting links all over the place — your documentation and details are stored in all the right places.

When we say that zaps are easy to use, we really mean it. You can get your first one set up in less than five minutes:

Zap inefficiency with companycam zapier 1

Best of all, there’s no code needed.

For a complete walkthrough on connecting your Zapier and CompanyCam accounts, head over to our help site.

Common Zaps

The world is your oyster when it comes to setting up workflows. To help you get the ideas flowing, check out this playlist of ways users are connecting CompanyCam with these popular apps: Mon​day​.com, Zoho CRM, PipeDrive, and HubSpot.

Zapier also keeps a list of the most common CompanyCam + Zapier templates, pre-built and ready for you to use.

CompanyCam already saves you an hour a day on your job sites. Just imagine how much time you’ll save when your whole suite of software is automatically sharing data with one another.

Ready to get started? Head to our Zapier page to take a look at all of the apps CompanyCam can integrate with. Chances are, the CRM or software you have in mind is listed!

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