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Water Cooler Tips: How to Merge a Project


While CompanyCam does an awesome job of streamlining communication between teams, it’s inevitable that at some point there will be two projects for the same job site. Luckily, we’ve thought of everything and made it super easy for you to merge projects together if and when this happens to you. Here’s how it works.

First things first, pick one of the projects that’s been duplicated. Once you’re in the project, in the top right corner of the screen you’ll see a little symbol with a couple arrows merging into one, click that. This will open the Merge Projects window. In the pop up window, there is a field for you to search your projects and find the duplicate that you want to merge with. Once you’ve selected the duplicate, you’ll have the option of which project’s details to keep. Pick whichever project is the original, has more photos, or whatever you want and CompanyCam will merge the photos from the duplicate into the original.

The best part about the ability to merge projects is you don’t lose any of the data from the photos. You’ll still know who took the photo, when it was taken, the GPS coordinates, all of that data is still attached to the photo.

It’s a quick process, no selecting individual photos or moving a million different things around. We’re always working to make your business run as smooth as possible, and this is just one more way to help you out!

Jordan Small is a Product Marketing Manager, focused on integrations. She spends her days working alongside our Product team and our industry partners to create impactful content and experiences to educate our CompanyCam users and drive feature adoption. When she clocks out, Jordan enjoys losing at darts, watching stand up comedy specials, and attempting to convince everyone she’s a real 90’s kid.

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