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Water Cooler Tips: Comments and Notifications

Comments are a great way to communicate back and forth with your guys about a problem on a job site.

We mimicked Facebook comments and made it really easy for you to tag users, leave comments, give instructions, you name it.

How It works

Go to any photo in a project and click the comment” button in the bottom middle of the screen.

If there’s a little blue dot next to it, that means there’s a comment on the photo.

Click into the comments and you can see what other people have written, leave a comment yourself, and communicate back and forth.

What’s really nice about CompanyCam and the commenting feature is that as soon as a problem arises, multiple people across your company can immediately begin working to solve it.

You can also check to see if anyone has commented on any of your photos or responded to your comments up in the notifications center. If you click the little bell up in the top right corner you can see when anyone has mentioned you in a comment or commented on a photo you took, this way you can stay up to date easily.

Commenting is pretty much idiot proof at this point, but just in case anyone needed any assistance, we’re always here for you.

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