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Integration Announcement: CompanyCam + Procore

Integration announcement companycam procore header

Project managers and contractors rejoice: Procore and CompanyCam now integrate! With this integration, projects created in Procore will automatically create a CompanyCam project, and photos and docs taken CompanyCam will sync back to Procore projects.

This one’s big.

Procore and CompanyCam now integrate.

Stop pinching yourself — you are awake and did read that correctly. Here are all the details:

How Does the CompanyCam-Procore Integration Work?

Once you set up the integration, new projects created in Procore automatically create a project in CompanyCam with a [Procore] label applied to the project.

Integration announcement companycam procore 2

Then, all of the annotated photos, documents, and Before & Afters you add in CompanyCam sync back to the Procore project under Photos or Documents.

Integration announcement companycam procore 1

Via Procore App Marketplace.

It’s a simple but powerful automation that helps every project stakeholder stay informed on job progress, especially those working on larger projects involving multiple subs and moving parts.

How Do I Connect CompanyCam and Procore?

Tapping in Captain Obvious for the first step: You must have an active Procore login and a Pro or Premium CompanyCam account to connect the integration.

Now that we got that out of the way:

  • Login to CompanyCam on a browser

  • Find Procore under the Integrations tab on the left side

  • Click Connect, then Continue

  • Then follow the authorization steps using your Procore credentials.

For a more detailed walkthrough, head to our help site.

You can also integrate the accounts through the Procore Marketplace. Just search for CompanyCam” and follow the instructions.

Start Using the CompanyCam + Procore Integration

If you’re using both of these platforms, follow the steps above! Or if you’re working on projects where both of our apps are in use, be sure to let your project manager know.

For Procore users who are not using CompanyCam, you can get a FREE 14-day trial to kick the tires and see how this integration in action AND get 50% off your first 2 months of CompanyCam.

What are you waiting for? Stop pinching and start working more efficiently and safely with this awesome integration.

Need Some More Info Before You Sign Up?

We appreciate the due diligence. Here’s some more information and links for you to look over.

What is Procore?

Procore is one of the most popular construction management software systems in the market. They offer a suite of products that equip construction owners, general contractors, and specialty contractors with insights to make crucial business decisions from bid to closeout.

Like CompanyCam, Procore offers unlimited storage, fantastic customer support, and continual product enhancements without hidden costs.

How Much Does Procore Cost?

Procore pricing is custom based on your business’s needs and project volume. Users can pick and choose which products to use for their business as part of their pricing package.

Why Use the CompanyCam + Procore Integration?

By integrating the two platforms, contractors and subs on the job site using CompanyCam can get their photos and documents back to the office quicker and easier. Both sides capture and receive all the information they need, no matter their platform.

In their recent ROI Report, Procore shared that 76% of respondents have integrated apps on Procore, and 74% with integrations set up said it made their business more scalable.

They also mention: By channeling all apps, documents, and people into one integrated platform, our customers maximize collaboration and empower their people to do more in less time.

When you integrate CompanyCam and Procore, documentation becomes more consistent, processes become more reliable, and you have to do less rework. And that translates to more productive and profitable jobs.

Ok — now that you know all that, what are you waiting for? Sign up and/​or connect the integration today.

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