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Water Cooler Tips: How to Add Your Logo

When you’re sharing photos, galleries and timelines with customers, you want to look as professional as possible. Adding your logo to everything you share is a great way to put your name out there.

We put our logo on everything, maybe we’re conceited…maybe we’re marketing geniuses?

We want everyone to use their logo whenever they’re sharing a Before and After, a gallery, a timeline, or anything about your business.

It’s super easy.

How It works

First things first, go to the web app on your computer. Once you’re in there, you’ll click on your little picture or your initials in the top right corner and click account” in the drop down menu.

The page it takes you to will have a button on the left side that says Logo and Branding.” When you click on that page, there will be a huge blue button that says Add your logo.”

Click that button.

You can quickly upload your logo and it’ll appear on all your galleries, photo timelines, you name it — even old ones! Just refresh the gallery or timeline page and it’ll be right up at the top.

Adding your logo is a super simple and quick way to make your business look more professional and to have your name out there on everything you do.

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