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Highway to Hail 2022: The Axe was Sharpened

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Highway to Hail: Sharpen the Axe was a season for the ages. This year the CompanyCam crew stopped in Dallas, Denver, Chicago, Nashville, and Orlando for a day of educational seminars, networking, and fun! 

At Highway to Hail 22, we learned how to own this year’s storm season. Building a business takes hard work, there’s no easy way around it! But having the right people in your corner gets you there quicker.

A Recap of Highway to Hail — 2022

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So, for those who missed it, what the heck is H2H?

H2H is a day where industry leaders gather to discuss and learn from each other. We gathered a crew of experts in leadership, marketing, technology, law, insurance, and coaching to show the attendees the steps they need to take to see explosive growth in the coming years.

Hail Trace CEO Derik Kline also shared the upcoming forecast for 2022’s storm season.

Not only was H2H a free event, attendees also received coffee, lunch, and cocktails — thanks to our awesome sponsors.

What did the H2H speakers talk about?

Our speakers brought the heat at every stop. From learning about new advanced technology to leadership skills, the H2H speakers came prepared with a wealth of knowledge.

Here’s a brief summary of a few of the speakers:

Tiara and Josh with Atlas Roofing spoke on digital strategy. As Tiara put it: Hope is not a strategy.” You need a growth plan, a growth mindset. When evaluating your company’s digital strategy, it’s important to think through the things that may have become obvious to you.

For example, Is the price everything?” Answer alert: it’s not! In fact, according to Tiara it’s only 14% of the homeowners decision. 

Don’t be afraid to be different when building your strategy. Some quick tips: Create a website that works for you, focus on reputation management (ex. Google My Business, yelp, and Angi), and figure out which social media platforms work the best for you. 

Tune in below for Tiara’s exclusive inside scoop…

Benji Carlson with Breakthrough Academy also spoke. He set the record straight: Job postings suck.” They do, they really do. Benji recommends starting the job posting with a question. For example, start with Do you have passion for sales excellence?”

Don’t forget to add in dealbreakers into your job descriptions. It may seem obvious but saying things like For this position, being afraid of heights is a dealbreaker,” is helpful for the applicant — and for you as you narrow the candidate pool!


When it comes to recruiting, there are passive and active tactics one can do (check out the H2H videos for all the info). Be sure to use a mix!

Benji had an inside scoop to share. Watch below…

Jim Johnson with ContractorCoachPro led the conversation about leadership. He spoke on engaging with people in vision. Focusing on empathy and empowerment. Improving team culture can be as simple as a high-five for showing up to work!

Encouragement drives results!

Set high expectations for your team. Aim high! Jim suggests setting goals for each employee, such as You will sell one million dollars a year in roofing jobs.” Believe your employees can do it and they will either rise to the challenge… or not.

Adapting team dynamics and skills dependent on the players is an essential leadership trait. Know your people and create an appropriate space/​role for them.

Jim shared a story about how Sara, who dreams of becoming a doula one day, learned to take her unique skills into the roofing industry. Check out this leadership downloadable for the whole story.

This season of Highway to Hail brought in many other speakers, such as Ricky Harmon with Balance Claims, Garrett Kurtt with OneClick Code, Rob Soper with Eagle View, Ryan Shantz with SumoQuote, and THE Michael Gogan with CompanyCam.

From fancy lunches to giving away CompanyCam branded backpacks, H2H 22 was a lot of fun! A popular H2H highlight was the CompanyCam Closers happy hour. Cheese, fruit, bread, and a *specialty* drink were served in celebration of H2H and the CompanyCam referral program.


Highway to Hail was a royal success. Attendees networked, learned from experts in the field, and ate delicious food: The axe was sharpened, indeed.

We loved spending H2H surrounded by our amazing partners and phenomenal users. Julia, CompanyCam retention marketing manager, said it best:

As a CompanyCam employee, I spend my days virtually talking to CoCam users, so getting to connect with them in person at H2H in Dallas was so cool! Dallas actually got hit with a hail storm the night before the event, which meant that we got a first hand look at how these roofing professionals take care of their customers. It’s nice to know that our app helps them do their job well!”

Thanks again to everyone who was able to make it out to a show this year. We can’t wait to SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!


As the Brand Strategist at CompanyCam, Micki builds compelling narratives about those in the trades, researches brand positioning opportunities, strategizes effective distribution of content materials, interviews customers, and meets all the cool influencers at trade shows. After work, Micki can be found watching FIFA highlights, analyzing drama from The Bachelor, trying out new recipes, and lecturing her incorrigible cat, Tommy. It’s the little things.

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