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AccuLynx + CompanyCam: Integration Announcement

Acculynx Integration Blog Header

Stop pinching yourself. 

You read that blog title correctly.

AccuLynx and CompanyCam now integrate!

This much-anticipated roofing software collaboration is now live and ready to help roofers run their businesses more efficiently and transparently than ever.

How the AccuLynx and CompanyCam Integration Works

When an AccuLynx Job or Lead is assigned, a matching project is created in CompanyCam.

Then, all of the on-site data — photos, tags, videos, and documents — captured in CompanyCam sync instantaneously back to the AccuLynx Job.

Acculynx companycam integration what syncs

As job milestones are reached in AccuLynx, the CompanyCam project label will update automatically, keeping everyone in the loop on project progress.

How to Connect AccuLynx and CompanyCam

Connecting this integration is simple — you just need a Pro or Premium CompanyCam account and an AccuLynx AppConnections subscription. From there, it’s just a few clicks:

  1. Navigate to AccuLynx and enter your AccuLynx login credentials (if needed).

  2. On the top menu bar, click Market, then AppConnections

  3. Select CompanyCam and click Get Connected!

  4. Click Authorize Connection, read the prompt*, and click Connect

  5. You’ll get a ✅ success message letting you know you’re ready to roll

*Note: When you first connect to CompanyCam, you can create CompanyCam projects for your most recent AccuLynx jobs in progress. Choosing this ensures you can get the benefits of the CompanyCam integration right out of the gate.

Why You Should Connect AccuLynx and CompanyCam

Because it’s really real. And it will help you better manage your roofing business.

This highly requested AccuLynx + CompanyCam integration gives users the best of both worlds — a top-notch CRM, materials costings, and scheduling tool, plus instant photos, videos, and documents from the job site.

  • Simplify communication between the office and the field. Photos and videos captured on job sites quickly sync to the AccuLynx Job so project managers can stay current on their active jobs and address issues as they arise.

  • Improve efficiency with better processes. Because the data syncs between the two platforms, you can ensure that CompanyCam photos are organized and AccuLynx Jobs are named the way you prefer, with all the info where you want it.

  • Reduce errors that come from duplicate or mismatched data. This integration eliminates double data entry and miscommunication because your project information will flow between the apps.

Once you connect the integration, you’ll see immediate benefits. And everyone, from the office to the field and in between, can rely on the AccuLynx Job as the source of truth because they’ll see the most recent job site photos alongside the essential customer details, team schedules, and business operations data.

So go on, get out there, and put the power of these two platforms to work for your business.

Have any questions about getting started with the integration? Check out our support doc or visit AccuLynx’s site for more information.

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