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CompanyCam has a new look. Check out what’s new and why it’ll make your life even easier!

CC New UI Hero

The bold new CompanyCam.

App Icon Dropshadow

Your company, at a glance.

First thing’s first — we added a new home screen. This page will act as your launch pad for anything and everything that’s relevant to you — and it’s completely customizable.

  • Quickly access the most important projects to you.
  • Follow what specific team members are working on.
  • Easily scan documents, add users, create projects, and more.

Customize your home screen
See what’s important to you, hide what’s not.

Star projects and people
Follow your most important projects in real time

Company Feed

See progress as it happens.

The company feed remains the same at its core. This is where you’ll be able to see anything and everything happening across the company and follow projects from start to finish.

  • Access photos and projects across the company
  • Star users and groups that are most important 
  • See who’s working on what in real time

Get a bird’s eye view of every project.

With project labels and conversations you can, at a glance, see the status of a project, catch up on progress, and get all the important information without hunting.

  • Add labels to projects to denote status.
  • Have conversations at the project level to inform every crew member of any important information.

Your camera,
all grown up.


We don’t expect you to adhere to the rule of thirds, but this will help you line up your photos just the right.


You can see how level your phone is while you’re taking pictures, or pretend your flying an airplane.

Edit Mode

Toggle edit mode on or off. This lets you get right to editing your photos, or you can just keep taking photos and leave it off.

Lat/Long and Date/Time

Ensure that the time or location of a photo are indisputable! This isn’t able to be edited or removed after the fact.


Just what you’re looking for.

Searching for photos, projects, and users just got a whole lot easier. You can still search by username, group name, project name — but now you can also access your search history.


Are we looking good?

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